The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 13 recap: Blind Faith sets stage for emotional elimination at The Zone

tj lavin in the challenge 38 episode 13
The Challenge host TJ Lavin at The Zone for Ride or Dies Episode 13 elimination. Pic credit: MTV

With the cast back from the latest elimination at The Zone, Fessy Shafaat was thinking maybe the other team was done targeting him and would go after Johnny Bananas, a seven-time champ. He apologized to Olivia Kaiser for sending her guy Nelson Thomas home.

Fessy confronted his Ride or Dies partner Moriah Jadea for using her burn vote to send him into elimination ultimately. Moriah said in confessional Fessy has no regard for her game. She told him she didn’t like being in this position, but he said it’s part of the game.

Fessy went to Jordan Wiseley next about going back on his word. Jordan said Tori Deal came to him saying a move in the game mattered more than their relationship outside of the game. Tori began yelling at Jordan, saying, “this whole season has been your way.”

The teams met separately, and in an interesting discussion, Olivia brought up how their Ride or Dies partners should come second to their team. Kaycee Clark wondered in confessional about keeping her girlfriend Nany Gonzalez safe on the other team.

Amber Borzotra had a video call with her family back home, reminding her why she wanted to win this season.

In another scene, Kaycee comforted Nany outside because it would’ve been Nany’s mother’s birthday, but she’d passed away. Nany released balloons in the air to celebrate her mother.

Teams battle in Blind Faith daily event

The daily challenge Blind Faith consisted of four events that two teammates from each team competed in. The team to complete all four events in the shortest time would win. TJ revealed a symbol for each event, and the teams nominated a pair of competitors to participate based on it.

The first was a bullseye symbol for an event featuring seven targets they had to hit using a slingshot. The goal was to knock out three of the seven targets as fast as possible. If they didn’t hit a target, TJ said they’d have to drink a “very interesting smoothie.”

Fessy and Jordan competed in this event. Both guys missed the first several times and were puking from the drink. However, Devin Walker yelled some helpful tips to Jordan about adjusting his aim, and he finally hit one.

Fessy eventually got one, but Jordan got two more, thanks to Devin’s instructions. Tori asked Devin to help Fessy complete the task, and Devin did for the sake of his Ride or Dies partner.

A puzzle piece symbolized the next event. Aneesa Ferreira and Olivia went for one team, while Nany and Devin went for the other.

They had to transport large puzzle blocks from one spot across a field to the board and assemble the shapes correctly for a tangram. The two teams looked neck and neck in this one, but Olivia and Aneesa seized victory.

The next event symbol was a lightbulb. The event featured memory and endurance. Horacio Gutierrez and Amber went for one team, while Johnny Bananas and Tori went for the other.

Each teammate had to run to meet in the middle of a 300-foot course. One was looking at an answer key and relaying the details to their teammate by memory to run back and arrange the puzzle pieces. Horacio and Amber destroyed this one, moving quickly and working well together.

The fourth and final event happened at night and was symbolized by speed. Chauncey Palmer and Kaycee participated. The other team was down by a player, so Jordan had to go a second time and partnered with Moriah.

The event was called Bungee. The two partners were attached to a large, strong bungee cord. They had to rush forward as fast as possible, and both held onto a bar to complete this.

Chauncey and Jordan struggled to get to the bar after Kaycee and Moriah reached it. Finally, Chauncey and Kaycee came up with a winning strategy to both reach the bar, with Chauncey pulling himself using Kaycee’s body. Jordan and Moriah timed out.

TJ commended all the competitors for how they did in the events. However, it was Pink Team getting the win, meaning Amber, Nany, and Moriah were all up for elimination.

Back at the house, Chauncey cried in a room with Amber, feeling he let her down by winning for his team because she was now up for elimination.

Who went home from Ride or Dies Episode 13?

During deliberation, Amber spoke about fighting her way to the final in her rookie season and suggested that Moriah’s a rookie and has yet to go in at The Zone. When Moriah was interrogated, Fessy brought up her misuse of the burn vote. She said it was up to him to do what was best for his game.

Kaycee and Nany had a heart-to-heart talk, with Nany saying she appreciated Kaycee as her rock during this season. Amber had a similar conversation with Chauncey about not wanting to leave him. He told her, “Then don’t.”

At The Zone, the winning team chose to send Moriah into the elimination. There were two daggers in The Draw rock for the first time in the season. Amber went first and couldn’t decide which to pull. She eventually took one, and it was “Safe,” which meant Nany went against Moriah.

They competed in I Can See. It featured two heavy walls with each individual attached to a rope. As they moved forward, it would reveal scrambled words under a large board. After seeing a word, they’d find the letters and unscramble it on a board. The first person to unscramble all six of their words correctly would win.

Before they competed, TJ told everyone he was greatly inspired by the women this season. He introduced a special guest, his wife Roxanne Lavin, to watch the elimination. She came into The Zone and gave the women a pep talk ahead of elimination.

the challenge 38 episode 13 elimination setup
TJ Lavin and his wife Roxanne watch the women’s elimination event in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

Nany got ahead of Moriah early, with Kaycee saying in confessional that Nany loves to write and sees words a lot which helps her out here. At one point, Nany struggled with the word “devotion,” which allowed Moriah to get ahead briefly.

It got to the word “companion,” and Moriah couldn’t find her letter “C” in the sand. She eventually did and moved to the final word, “friendship.” Nany caught up, though.

They both assembled the final word on their puzzle board and tried to call check, but TJ told them they had to press the nearby buzzer. Both women pressed it around the same time. However, it was Nany getting the win because Moriah mixed up two letters in the word “devotion.” She called it a “rookie mistake.”

Moriah left the scene after TJ called her a solid competitor. In confessional, she said she felt Fessy was “secretly happy” she was gone. Nany happily returned to her team and got a hug from Kaycee. Nany cried in confessional about getting this win for her late mother.

After everyone had exited The Zone, Moriah returned to meet TJ, who informed her about the Ride or Dies twist, where she’s still eligible for the final. Moriah said she could cry, and TJ told her, “Go ahead,” with a good chuckle.

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