The Challenge Season 38, Episode 13 sneak peek teases puzzling daily challenge for competitors

johnny bananas during the challenge ride or dies on mtv
Johnny Bananas appears at a daily challenge site in The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

In The Challenge: Ride or Dies, certain cast members are considered the best of the best in physical competition, while others excel in figuring out challenging puzzles.

Devin Walker is likely amongst the best in the latter category but based on a sneak peek for Episode 13, he may have met his match when it comes to the latest puzzle.

Footage arrived ahead of the episode’s airing, showing what’s to come in the latest daily challenge and teasing fans with who might win the event.

It’ll involve the completion of a puzzle, but there’s much more to it based on what TJ Lavin told them in other preview footage.

The latest clip arrives following an Episode 13 teaser trailer in which cast members were vomiting as part of the daily event, as The Challenge host told them they had to drink an “interesting smoothie.”

This report may contain spoilers for the upcoming Ride or Dies episode and previous episodes of the season.

The Challenge 38, Episode 13 sneak peek clip shows daily competition

The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 13 is called Blind Faith, but there wasn’t much about the daily challenge in the episode synopsis. Instead, that’s been previewed through the trailer after Episode 12 and a new sneak peek (below).

In the clip, teammates Devin and Nany Gonzalez are facing off against opponents Aneesa Ferreira and Olivia Kaiser. They’re running large puzzle pieces from one spot across a field to a board to solve the puzzle. Most likely, it’s a timed event, meaning every second counts.

The video footage doesn’t indicate who wins this particular heat or whether or not these are the final competitors for the event. However, teammates are cheering them on.

“Has the puzzle master met his match?” @TheChallenge asks fans on social media, teasing the upcoming episode.

As mentioned, the footage in the teaser trailer showed cast members having to down a disgusting drink, leading some to throw up. So most likely, they’re running these puzzle pieces to the board after consuming it.

Devin has been known to defeat several puzzles while on MTV’s competition show, several with his teammates during the previous season, The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. However, Aneesa is amongst the longtime competitors familiar with the show, and Olivia has proven herself as one of the season’s top rookies.

What’s on the way for Ride or Dies Episode 13?

In another Episode 13 sneak peek, Tori Deal and Fessy Shafaat confront their castmates Moriah Jadea and Jordan Wiseley over how they voted at The Zone. It’s unknown if this will come into play in the episode, but they’re all on opposite teams, making for an interesting situation.

Additionally, the trailer showed a scene with Amber Borzotra telling her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, “Don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry.” Right after that, Nany and Kaycee Clark are shown hugging one another.

In Episode 12, Nelson Thomas was eliminated, losing in Spearheaded to Fessy. That means it’s a women’s elimination day for Episode 13, with Nany, Amber, Kaycee, Aneesa, Tori, Moriah, and Olivia, among those who could be leaving.

The Ride or Dies installment premieres on Wednesday, January 4, with streaming available for cable and satellite subscribers via MTV’s website and apps after the episode has aired.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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