The Challenge: Chauncey Palmer praises girlfriend Amber Borzotra for staying on Ride or Dies amid tough loss

chauncey palmer on the challenge ride or dies season
Chauncey Palmer during The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Ride or Dies brought former champion Amber Borzotra back to the show for a third season, this time partnered up with her loving boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer.

It’s been another tough season for the former champ, though, as Amber once again found herself up against castmates seeming to want her out of the game.

She ended up in an elimination during the first half of the season with Chauncey, and the duo worked effectively together to defeat OGs Veronica Portillo and Darrell Taylor.

However, Episode 11 featured the first individual elimination matchup for the women since a Ride or Dies twist split up teammates onto two large teams.

Amber found herself going in against rookie Nurys Mateo in a physical elimination, which she won, boosting her overall record in eliminations to 5-1.

However, her boyfriend Chauncey recently explained that Amber was dealing with a tough loss while they filmed the season but stayed around for him to “get the opportunity of a life time.”

Ride or Dies rookie Chauncey comments on Amber being ‘checked out’

Taking to his Twitter after Ride or Dies Episode 11 aired on MTV, Chauncey posted several messages about Amber, saying she felt “checked out” and the circumstances surrounding it.

Based on one of Chauncey’s tweets, Amber lost her grandmother as the season was filming which led to her feeling mentally drained. However, Chauncey revealed that Amber stayed around for him.

“She stayed in the game for me so I can get the opportunity of a life time not being [on] a show before then being able to compete… don’t mean she wanna go home,” he said, adding, “5-1.”

In another tweet, he explained that someone saying they “feel checked out” shouldn’t be used as leverage against them, “especially due to personal matters.”

ride or dies rookie chauncey palmer tweets about girlfriend amber
Pic credit: @JustCpalmer/Twitter

Chauncey praises Amber as a ‘Legit GOAT’

One thing that has been shown several times throughout Ride or Dies episodes is how supportive some teammates are of one another. That’s been especially true of the boyfriend-girlfriend duo of Chauncey and Amber.

In another tweet, Chauncey revealed he couldn’t get his mind out of depression in 2020 after losing his grandfather. He added that Amber “lost her grandmother in a toxic a** environment stayed and won 2 eliminations.”

“Legit [GOAT emoji],” Chauncey finished the tweet, praising his girlfriend’s resilience and competitive grit.

chauncey palmer tweets about amber as goat
Pic credit: @JustCpalmer/Twitter

As mentioned above, Amber’s win over Nurys in Pato Brawl, a variation of the classic Pole Wrestle, put her elimination record to 5-1. She previously won The Challenge in her rookie season, Double Agents, as a teammate of GOAT Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Amber has previously mentioned her struggles with mental health. She also credited her boyfriend earlier this year as being a major support system in her life during some rough circumstances she was dealing with.

She shared an emotional video this past April after taking an extended break from social media.

“I just wanted to say thank you to those who know what happened and what has been going on. Thank you for being there for me. I appreciate you so much,” she said in part of her video.

“Big love to my boyfriend, You’re amazing. You’re my rock, and I love you,” Amber said.

She and her boyfriend clearly have one another’s backs 100 percent on and off The Challenge, likely making them one of the most genuine Ride or Dies teams to root for in Season 38.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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