The Challenges Amber Borzotra shares emotional update video after time away: ‘I’m so happy to be back’

the challenge star amber borzotra during spies lies and allies season
Amber Borzotra in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies season. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge and Big Brother star Amber Borzotra seemed to have fallen off the grid in terms of appearing on social media, as she hadn’t shared any updates on her personal Instagram since last November.

On Saturday, she returned to the scene, sharing an emotional update with her followers, letting everyone know that she appreciated their support and concern.

In a teary-eyed video, the Double Agents winner said she took some time away to “heal” and was “so happy to be back” again after what recently happened in her life.

Amber Borzotra shares update after Instagram hiatus

In a video posted on her official Instagram on Saturday, Amber Borzotra said it’d been about six months since she last appeared on her page.

While she didn’t reveal why she was away, it seems she and her family had been dealing with some rough circumstances over the past several months.

“I just wanted to say thank you to those who know what happened and what has been going on. Thank you for being there for me. I appreciate you so much,” she said.

“Big love to my boyfriend, You’re amazing. You’re my rock, and I love you,” Amber added.

“I usually don’t fall off the grid that often, and when I do, it’s because I need time to heal, and I’m going through something deep,” Amber shared before holding back tears.

“Sometimes things are meant to be in private and stay in private, so I’m not gonna speak much on that, but I’m so happy to be back.”

Amber went on to say that sometimes people “have no idea what’s going on in people’s lives.”

“You don’t know what path they were given to battle with or the struggles that they’re going through,” The Challenge star said, adding, “I feel like it’s important to check on the people that you love or that you haven’t heard from in a while.”

She said sometimes it’s difficult to express certain things in one’s life, and she was thankful to have the “solid” people she had in her life when she needed them.

“Just check on people, y’all, and I’m saying that because it’s not even about what I’m going through, but what someone in my life just went through, and it really hit home for me,” Amber said.

She went on to say she’s back and in a “good space” to share her life with others again.

Challenge castmates show support for Amber on her update

With Amber’s latest update, many of her castmates from MTV’s The Challenge dropped comments to give her their love and support upon her return to Instagram.

Her Spies, Lies & Allies partner and friend Josh Martinez and Double Agents finalist Kam Williams were among those sending love her way.

josh martinez comments amber borzotra ig post
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram
kam williams reacts amber borzotra instagram video
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram

So was her teammate during that Spies, Lies & Allies elimination win, Hughie Maughan, who said he was wondering where she’d gone and was “so glad she was OK.”

hughie maughan comments amber borzotra instagram
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram

Amber’s boyfriend also left a sweet message for his girlfriend, whom he referred to as the GOAT, as he expressed his love.

chancey palmer comments on amber borzotra ig video update
Pic credit: @amberborzotra/Instagram

Earlier this week, Amber’s boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, shared one of the first Instagram photos featuring The Challenge star since November. The photo included Mexico as the location and “I’ve been waiting for this one” in a brief caption.

Amber has previously mentioned struggles with her anxiety and mental health, and she credited MTV’s The Challenge with “saving” her in a way as she dealt with those issues.

It’s unknown what her recent situation involved, but it’s clear she has the support of many friends, castmates, fans, and her boyfriend Chauncey, and it seems she’s ready to get back to sharing her positive vibes with others.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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