Amber Borzotra shares how The Challenge: Double Agents ‘saved her in a way’

amber borzotra on the challenge double agents aftermath show
Amber Borzotra appears on The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Amber Borzotra was among The Challenge: Double Agents rookie class that started the season looking to prove themselves worthy as first-time competitors in the game.

Thanks to having a strong partner, along with the competitors with whom she was allied in the game, Amber B. was able to advance quite far and seemed like a future force.

During a recent set of appearances on various media outlets after Double Agents Episode 16, Amber spoke about how she was in a bad place before the show, and how being on The Challenge helped her grow stronger.

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Amber Borzotra was struggling before The Challenge

Viewers saw Amber B. go back into elimination again in Double Agents Episode 16, and once again she was in a Hall Brawl. She previously ousted Amber M to earn her gold skull, but now had to battle Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

During The Challenge: Double Agents Aftermath show after Episode 16, she spoke about where her head was at.

“At this point, mentally in this game, I’m not OK. I’m so checked out. So, I’m just happy that something great was coming out of it,” Amber B. said about winning her second elimination to stay in the game.

Aftermath host Devyn Simone asked Amber to elaborate on what she meant when she said she was “done” at that point.

“I just got tired. I was the only rookie left. I knew that everyone was gonna start gunning for me. At this point, it was just me by myself. It’s so crazy how many people can be in one space and you feel so alone,” Amber shared.

“I feel like mental health is just a huge thing for me that I’m aware, like, I struggle mentally with a lot. I had a loss literally weeks before. I didn’t know myself. I didn’t recognize myself anymore and I felt like I was at a point where I need to go on this show to kind of like get myself back,” Amber added.

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She revealed prior to the show that she wasn’t really sleeping and would just stay in her room with the blinds shut. Amber said she wouldn’t shower some days because she was so depressed.

However, going onto The Challenge became a blessing for her due to meeting new people and creating strong relationships.

Amber credits ‘amazing people’ from Double Agents cast, including Darrell Taylor

Amber said that there were “so many amazing people” in the Double Agents cast who she could open up to during her experience. She said she talked with therapists and eventually “pulled through” from her depression.

“I feel like being on The Challenge, it kind of saved me in a way,” the former Big Brother player shared.

Amber B. also appeared on the April 1 episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast hosted by Aneesa Ferreira and Tori Deal. During the episode, the rookie revealed that being teammates with Darrell Taylor helped her a lot too.

She admitted that the four-time Challenge winner was a major support system and mentor in the game during her first season.

“He taught me to be calm in certain situations where I was very like, just all over the place,” she said of Darrell as her partner in the game. He also gave her someone to talk to when she was crying about something.

“He literally would give me the best advice, and I’d just run with it,” she said.

Amber shared that she learned a lot from how Darrell played a “low-key” game. That even helped her to evaluate her own mistakes for the future.

“I’m looking back at the season and I’m like, ‘OK, I did that wrong. This is what I can do better,’” the rookie said. 

Amber is now 2-0 in her elimination record and advanced the farthest of any Double Agents rookie. Based on her performance, and the strong partner she had to learn from, Amber B. seems like she could be a force in the game for many seasons down the road.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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