The Challenge Season 36: Who went home on Double Agents Episode 16?

cory wharton and kam williams at the crater on double agents episode 16
Cory Wharton and Kam Williams at The Crater in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 36 is Double Agents, and Episode 16 delivered a bit more of the manipulation, lying, and backstabbing that forms the show’s theme.

It was down to just five teams remaining to compete in TJ Lavin’s final, but as viewers saw last week, nobody was officially qualified yet.

In Double Agents Episode 16, there was a new mission to conquer called Global Domination and the potential for a double-elimination. That brought up some interesting voting in the house, which ultimately factored into who went home on Double Agents Episode 16.

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Dominant team emerges as Double Agents

The latest daily challenge was Mission Global Domination, where teammates had to get into giant metal spheres and roll around a battlefield.

There were two rounds. Teams would be on offense or defense in one round and then switch sides for the next round. However, since there was an odd number of teams, one team had to play offense twice.

The teams on offense were trying to roll their spheres onto targets on the battlefield. Each time they did that, it set off a steam eruption to signal they scored. Teams on defense were trying to prevent them from scoring. The team that scored the most between the two rounds were the winners.

With Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark winning last week’s mission, it put them in power to choose who played on offense and defense in the first round. They also got to pick which team played on offense twice, so they wisely chose themselves. They’d get to keep their best score of the two rounds.

That ended up working to their advantage. TJ announced that Kyle Christie and Amber Borzotra’s team and Fessy Shafaat and Nany Gonzalez’s team performed well. However, Kaycee and Leroy won it by one score, making them Double Agents for a fifth time this season.

Competitors strategize, but one doesn’t stick to the plan

Due to Kaycee and Leroy winning, Kyle and Chris “CT” Tamburello knew that meant one of their teams was going into elimination. They tried to come up with a plan to make it look like they were fighting at deliberation, so they could possibly sway someone’s vote.

Eight players were remaining to vote. Based on the numbers, the vote could’ve been split down the middle. Kam Williams, Cory Wharton, Fessy, and Nany were likely to vote for Kyle and Amber. Meanwhile, the other four people could’ve voted to send in Nany and Fessy.

Amber B. voted for Fessy and Nany to try to save herself. Kyle voted that way, as did Tula “Big T” Fazakerley. Unfortunately, her partner CT chose to deviate from the plan. He voted for Kyle and Amber, which pushed them one vote ahead of Fessy and Nany.

CT later revealed how he voted to Kyle. While Kyle felt betrayed, he accepted his fate.

Who went home on Double Agents Episode 16?

As the competitors got to The Crater, they saw Hall Brawl as the elimination event. That made for the event’s third appearance on the Double Agents season.

TJ called Kyle and Amber down to ground level as Compromised Agents. Next, the Double Agents got to vote for a team. They chose CT Tamburello and Big T to also go down for elimination.

It wasn’t a double-elimination week, as some people may have expected. Instead, TJ said it would be a female elimination for the second straight week. That meant it was Big T and Amber B battling it out in a Hall Brawl.

In the first round, the two competitors locked up around the middle of the hall and fought for a bit. However, once they finally got past each other, Amber B. sprinted quicker and got to her button first. She took the first round.

They collided again and stayed locked up in the second round. Amber B. pushed Big T down the hall a bit, with Big T eventually pushing back. However, once they escaped from each other, Amber was too fast and reached her button quicker again.

That meant Big T was officially eliminated from the game. CT hugged her goodbye, and castmates also said their goodbyes from up above. It was then time for Amber B’s big decision about her teammate.

In a surprise move, she opted to ditch Kyle as her partner and stole Fessy from Nany. Due to that, Nany was asked to choose between CT and Kyle. She chose Kyle as her partner, leaving CT as a Rogue Agent, which seems to ensure his safety heading towards the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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