The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 clip reveals Global Domination rules, one team’s advantage

global domination mission in the challenge double agents episode 16
The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 features Mission Global Domination. Pic credit: MTV

After missions underwater and up in the sky, agents will be back on the ground for their next mission in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16.

It’s called Global Domination, involving large globe-like metal spheres, with teammates working together inside of them to roll around a battlefield.

Based on the recently-released footage, one of the teams is getting what could be a major advantage in the latest mission, while another team reveals which teams they don’t want to win this event.

TJ reveals Mission Global Domination to agents

In a new clip for Double Agents Episode 16 (below), The Challenge host TJ Lavin explains the next mission’s rules to the competitors. In Global Domination, there will be two rounds. In each round, three teams are on offense, and two teams are on defense.

Teammates are together inside large metal spheres, which are silver for offense or marked blue for defense. The object on offense is to roll the spheres around the battlefield across as many target areas as possible. The teams on defense have to try to prevent teams on offense from scoring.

Five teams are remaining in the game in Episode 16. Since it’s an odd number of teams, TJ reveals that one team will play offense twice.

Due to winning the previous daily mission, Spy Dive, Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett were Double Agents. That means they get to decide who plays on offense and who plays on defense in the first round. They also get to choose which team plays on offense twice.

The advantage to playing offense twice is that the team’s better score from the two rounds will count. So Leroy and Kaycee naturally choose themselves to go twice on offense.

In the footage, Kam Williams and Cory Wharton also reveal their strategy as far as which teams they don’t want to win.

Could this be another victory for the dominant team of Kaycee and Leroy? Heading into Global Domination, they’ve won four missions for the season, which shows how much of a powerhouse pair they’ve been on Season 36.

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and Chris “CT” Tamburello have won two missions, while Kyle Christie has been part of a winning team twice as well. Winning the Episode 16 mission seems extra important to stay safe for the final. Based on the episode’s sneak peek trailer, Kyle and CT will figure into the latest storyline.

Double Agents Episode 16 brings a unique situation

As the five remaining teams go into Episode 16, all 10 competitors have earned their Gold Skulls. TJ mentioned a few times that agents needed Skulls to compete in his final featuring a million dollars in prize money.

Since there’s another mission, it means another winning Double Agents team. So it appears there will be at least another elimination. That will make for the first time two competitors will battle that already have their Gold Skulls.

Many fans believe that this episode will be another double-elimination, similar to Episode 12, where Darrell Taylor defeated Devin Walker and CT defeated Josh Martinez. However, it’s believed that the next double elimination will feature a male vs. male and female vs. female format to trim down the number of players.

Double Agents Episode 16 will air on Wednesday, March 31 with three more episodes expected after that. There’s also the reunion that could be a part of those remaining episodes.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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