The Challenge Season 36, Episode 16 synopsis gives details for A Most Wanted Man

chris ct tamburello on the challenge double agents
Chris “CT” Tamburello in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

With the final seeming closer, The Challenge Season 36, Episode 16 will feature several agents trying to protect themselves from being sent home.

While all 10 agents already have gold skulls, it doesn’t mean they’re all going to participate in the final. With TJ Lavin’s comments at the end of Double Agents Episode 15, competitors wondered how much longer they’ll need to go until he reveals they’ve actually qualified.

Viewers are likely wondering the same, as it seems the final should have arrived by this point in the season.

Based on details for the upcoming episode, one agent will question their place in an alliance, and two others try to work together to stay safe ahead of the final.

Double Agents Episode 16 is A Most Wanted Man

While an Episode 16 sneak peek trailer already showed the next daily mission and some upcoming scenes, the Double Agents’ plot synopsis gives some more details for A Most Wanted Man.

The trailer showed Chris “CT” Tamburello and Kyle Christie strategizing to make it look like they were in an argument, and another scene with Kam Williams calling them both “liars.” Based on the episode details, “two untrustworthy players must rely on each other to control a vote.” That seems to fit with CT and Kyle’s situation.

Also, “one agent learns she is at the bottom of her alliance.” With Aneesa Ferreira recently sent home via elimination, it leaves very few choices for who that might be.

Nany Gonzalez and Kam were safe last week from elimination thanks to Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark winning the daily mission to become Double Agents power team. It’s possible the agent at the bottom of an alliance could be Amber Borzotra, who is a rookie and had been working with the other Big Brother players in the game.

In Episode 15, Amber was a Rogue Agent and became teamed up with Kyle by default. If Kyle’s a target for elimination, it seems to put a target on Amber B’s back as well.

When will the final take place on Double Agents?

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 will air on March 31, and there are two more episodes listed on IMDB for April 7 and April 14 on MTV.

Many fans are speculating that Episode 16 will feature a double-elimination to send home one more male and one female competitor before TJ reveals everyone is heading to the final.

Up until this point in the season, there was typically just a male vs. male or female vs. female elimination in each episode. The exception came when there was a double men’s elimination which had Devin Walker vs. Darrell Taylor and CT vs. Josh Martinez.

It could mean a two-part final will take place in Episode 17 and 18 unless Episode 18 is the Double Agents reunion.

Meanwhile, fans with Paramount Plus will begin to enjoy The Challenge: All Stars the day after Double Agents Episode 16 airs. All Stars premieres on Thursday, April 1 on the streaming network, giving fans even more of The Challenge to enjoy in the coming week.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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