The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 trailer reveals Global Domination mission, Kyle calling CT names before final

kyle christie and ct tamburell in the challenge double agents episode 16
Kyle Christie has a chat with CT Tamburello in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 trailer. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 16 will bring competitors and viewers even closer to the final with one million dollars on the line. However, two competitors will be put into the spotlight and may end up at odds with one another, possibly hurting their chances at continuing.

Those two competitors seemed to be allies at some points earlier in the season but may not be on the same page anymore when Episode 16 arrives. However, it’s also possible there’s a hidden agenda.

The latest Double Agents trailer offered a sneak peek at the two competitors in a few discussions after another castmate labeled them as “liars.” Also, the trailer revealed a preview of the upcoming daily mission, which could see a certain team dominate once again.

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Double Agents Episode 16 to feature Global Domination

While Episode 15 featured skydiving from 15,000 feet above the ground, TJ Lavin will have the competitors back on land for the daily mission in Episode 16. For Global Domination, they’ll be stuck inside large globe-like balls and trying to reach spots on the playing field.

Based on the trailer footage (below), it appears two teammates will have to work together inside the ball, using their body weight to roll towards a ramp or weighted plate. Once they get there, the ramp shoots up some smoke, possibly signaling they have completed the mission.

So far this season, one team has stood strong compared to their opponents. Kaycee Clark and Leroy Garrett have racked up three wins, including one for the Double Agents Episode 15 mission. Fans will be waiting to see if they can continue with their success and add a fourth win.

If Kaycee and Leroy win again, it could make things interesting as the final seems just around the corner. Will they try to get rid of another champion, such as Chris “CT” Tamburello, to block him from being at the final?

Former allies at odds on Double Agents?

The trailer clip above also previews some tension between two competitors who many viewers may have thought were working together earlier in the season. In one scene, Kam Williams is shown telling someone else that “CT and Kyle, they just are both liars.”

In another scene, Kyle Christie is having a discussion with CT, possibly with no other cast members around. CT tells Kyle he has a “confession” and doesn’t want to lie to him anymore.

A confessional interview segment with Kyle has him calling CT a “p***y,” but the reason for that is unknown. In Episode 15, CT got into it with castmate Fessy Shafaat over who the “top dog” is. Earlier in the episode, Kyle and Fessy talked about CT somehow sticking around all game for the final. That said, Kyle and CT’s upcoming situation could all be part of a master plan from the two competitors.

Part of the trailer showed CT and Kyle whispering between themselves in a room with the two strategizing. Possibly they are making it look like they’re in a fight when they’re really on the same page and trying to make a move?

“Let’s start a fight, a little back and forth,” Kyle whispers, according to closed captions for the clip. It appears they could be on the same page once again unless there’s a swerve on the way.

It’s unclear why they might be doing that beyond trying to sway their castmates to vote a certain way. If that’s the case, it could mean one or both are potentially being targeted for the next elimination. In Episode 15, Kyle became teammates with Amber Borzotra, who was the Rogue Agent. She’s also part of the Big Brother alliance. CT is still partnered with Tula “Big T” Fazakerley.

Viewers saw Big T claim the final Gold Skull in Episode 15, as she defeated Aneesa Ferreira and sent her home. That means 10 competitors are remaining, and they’ve all got Gold Skulls. However, host TJ Lavin told them there was more on the way, suggesting more eliminations before the final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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