The Challenge Season 36: Who went home on Double Agents Episode 15?

competitors at the crater on the challenge double agents episode 15
Competitors await an announcement from TJ Lavin at The Crater in Double Agents Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge Season 36, Episode 15 arrived, viewers saw competitors continue to anticipate defending their Gold Skulls ahead of the upcoming final.

However, one competitor still needed her Skull. Tula “Big T” Fazakerley was featured early in the episode as she got some training in with teammate Chris “CT” Tamburello for a potential Hall Brawl elimination.

Meanwhile, Kyle Christie suggested that Big T could go for her Skull against his newest partner, Aneesa Ferreira. Nany Gonzalez questioned her decision to team up with Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, while Fessy talked about how he’s now the top dog in the game rather than CT.

Mission Spy Dive creates new Double Agents

TJ Lavin introduced the agents to their latest daily challenge called Mission Spy Dive, which put them 15,000 feet above ground level to jump out of a plane.

While skydiving, the agents had to memorize a puzzle featuring colored squares down on the ground. Once competitors reached land, they had a half-mile run to a checkpoint and reconstructed the puzzle there.

Both Leroy Garrett and Big T faced their fear of heights by successfully making the jump out of the plane. Everyone participated in the mission with nobody backing out, but just a few teams completed the puzzle first.

However, Kyle was irritated that Aneesa wasn’t running much. Kaycee Clark and Leroy won their heat. CT also became frustrated with Big T’s inability to run the half-mile at a good pace. He called her out about it after getting to the puzzle site since they had already lost to Cory Wharton and Kam Williams.

Once the mission was complete, TJ Lavin said the team that got it done the fastest was Leroy and Kaycee by 14 seconds over Kam and Cory.

Club argument arises with CT vs. Fessy

At the competitors’ night out at the club, the cast members wore 1980s costumes for a throwback party. Aneesa did some strategizing with Cory about trying not to get voted into the elimination. Cory told her she’s got more elimination wins than anyone else around, though.

Fessy and CT had a conversation at the club about who the best competitor is. Fessy told CT he’s coming for his top spot on The Challenge. He brought up the Road Kill mission from earlier in the season and how he had CT’s number then. CT got worked up with Fessy instigating him some.

Cast members intervened to get them away from one another, but CT kept yelling back at Fessy. Aneesa said during her confessional interview that she noticed some of the “old CT” coming out.

CT and Fessy eventually cooled down, ending things with a handshake and some mutual respect for each other.

House deliberation, secret votes take place

A day later, the scene shifted to the house deliberation meeting. Big T spoke about going into elimination as house vote. Aneesa brought up how that probably means the Double Agents would send her in against Big T.

When some of the men joked about Aneesa as a competitor, she took exception. A teary-eyed Aneesa reminded them that she’s been doing The Challenge longer than many of the females there and paved the way for them.

The house votes went as planned with mostly everyone voted for Big T and CT. Kyle voted for himself and Aneesa, though.

In the secret room, the Double Agents power team of Kaycee and Leroy discussed how they would send Aneesa in against Big T at The Crater.

Aneesa spoke with castmates about how upset she was with CT wanting Big T to go in so she could lose and he could get a new partner.

Who went home in the Episode 15 elimination?

At The Crater, TJ Lavin brought CT and Big T down as the Compromised Agents. Leroy and Kaycee announced they were sending in Aneesa and Kyle.

The elimination event was Fire Escape for the third time of the season. In the other two events, rookie Natalie Anderson defeated Ashley Mitchell, and Leroy defeated Jay Starrett for Gold Skulls.

From the jump, Big T had serious momentum and kept it going as CT cheered her on. Other cast members tried to support a struggling Aneesa who wasn’t moving as fast.

Big T kept at it and finally got her first elimination win. CT rushed over to congratulate her on the exciting moment. Aneesa was sent home once again ahead of a final.

It was time for teammate decisions. Kyle suggested to Big T to choose Fessy to get some protection and shake up the Big Brother alliance. Big T chose to stick with CT, though. Rogue Agent Amber B. became partners with Kyle.

To close things out, TJ announced that 10 agents were left and they all had Gold Skulls, but they were “far from done.”

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