The Challenge’s Leroy Garrett reveals he and Kam Williams had property stolen in car break-in

leroy garrett appears on instagram live to share details of car break-in
The Challenge’s Leroy Garrett shares that his car was broken into with multiple items stolen. Pic credit: @royleethebarber/Instagram

Leroy Garrett of MTV’s The Challenge recently shared that he and his girlfriend Kam Williams had property stolen in a car break-in.

The couple, who is currently seen in The Challenge: Double Agents season, talked about it in a video that Leroy shared from in front of his damaged vehicle.

Based on Garrett’s video account, numerous items that belonged to the couple were taken from inside his car, and just a few months after they’d moved to Houston. 

Leroy shares video about recent break-in

On Tuesday evening, Leroy Garrett did an Instagram Live session in which he told friends and fans about the troubling break-in that happened with his car.

In the video, Leroy is standing in front of a car with the windows smashed and clearly upset over what has happened.

“Welcome to Houston, man. I’m stressing, man,” Garrett shares in the video.

“Today was supposed to be a good day here. I was cutting hair. I was about to get my hair cut. I done gave back to the community, and you know what’s crazy? Kam and I had literally had just gone to Burlington Coat Factory and bought a bunch of blankets for homeless people. And this is how they do me, man?” Leroy shared in his video.

From there, Leroy tries to lighten the mood by launching into an impression of Denzel Washington’s character from Training Day.

He also places a video call to girlfriend Kam Williams, telling her about what happened.

“Listen, they done stole everything. The laptops and everything, babe,” Leroy tells Kam. She tells him to get himself inside, but he tells her he needs to stick around for when the police arrive.

Leroy also shared a video clip as part of his Instagram Story in which he shows the smashed passenger side window from the car.

“Welcome to Houston, Lee. Damn, they got me good,” he says as part of the clip.

Leroy and Kam moved to Houston several months ago

This past November, Leroy and Kam made a big announcement that they’d officially moved to Houston, Texas. The couple revealed they were starting another chapter of their life together in a new city.

As they appeared in promotional cast videos for The Challenge: Double Agents, Leroy shared that he and Kam were heading to the show in a committed relationship. That came into play in just the first few episodes, as they teamed up with other castmates as their partners but still worked together to make some moves.

Several weeks ago, Leroy announced that he’d opened a new barbershop as another major success in his life.

Plenty of The Challenge fans are rooting for him on the new season as the 35-year-old also announced Double Agents would be his final appearance on MTV’s reality competition series.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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