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The Challenge’s Aneesa Ferreira comments about Double Agents castmates, if she’ll return to the show

aneesa ferreira on the challenge double agents
Aneesa Ferreira speaks in a confessional interview on The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

When it comes to veteran competitors on The Challenge, Aneesa Ferreira is amongst the longtime stars still searching for a first finals win. She most recently appeared on Season 36, Double Agents, and thanks to strong partnerships, advanced far in the game.

In the early part of the season, she chose Fessy Shafaat as her teammate due to his size and physical abilities. Their team won the first two daily missions of the season making Aneesa and Fessy a Double Agents power team.

However, things changed up along the way, with Fessy ditching Aneesa for another partner after he won his Gold Skull in an elimination. It started to become a theme during the season with various male competitors not wanting to work with Aneesa complaining that she wasn’t going to get it done in the final.

That said, Aneesa made some strong comments in a recent video released by MTV’s The Challenge, in which she spoke about her situation at the end of Episode 15. Spoilers will follow in this report up through that episode of Double Agents.

Aneesa comments on her Challenge castmates, stressful game

In Double Agents Episode 15, the field of competitors was down to just 11 cast members remaining. All 10 Gold Skulls had been earned, with Tula “Big T” Fazakerley the only one who needed a Gold Skull. That meant she had to go into elimination, and thankfully was able to sway most of the house to vote her in.

However, when it came to her opponent, the Double Agents power team of Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark weren’t going to send in Leroy’s girlfriend Kam Williams or friend Nany Gonzalez to defend their Skulls. With Amber Borzotra as a Rogue Agent, it left Aneesa as the only other option to get put into elimination.

Aneesa accepted that fate and ultimately struggled in the Fire Escape event. Big T won her first elimination event, captured Aneesa’s Gold Skull, and sent the veteran competitor home.

Following the loss, Aneesa gave her parting words in a video just released by MTV’s The Challenge (below). She mentioned the stress of the game, particularly when it comes to teaming up with others.

“This game was insane. I wish I could tell you why this happens every time, but I don’t know,” Aneesa shared about having to exit before the final again.

“I don’t know if I would’ve done anything different this season, in the game. I don’t know. Guys are so worried about who they’re gonna run with later that they don’t care that you’re a person,” she shared about the male competitors.

“I wasn’t gonna be safe with any of these guys either, and to be honest there were a lot of them I wouldn’t want to split a million dollars with,” she joked.

As far as returning, she’ll be back soon for The Challenge: All Stars, which premieres on Thursday, April 1, on Paramount Plus. As far as The Challenge Season 37, or beyond, she hinted at that in her exit interview.

“It’s just stressful. Hopefully when I come back it won’t be as stressful. I’m just kidding, it’s always stressful, but I gave it all I had,” she shared.

Aneesa comments on Double Agents exit: ‘My purpose is fulfilled’

In part of her exit interview for Double Agents, Aneesa also spoke about being there for a bigger purpose. While she wasn’t happy with how some of the male competitors acted, she was leaving the game fulfilled in terms of the remaining female castmates.

“You’re here fighting for bigger things than just money,” she said, referring to how women of color are represented on The Challenge and reality TV.

With Aneesa’s elimination, it left Big T, Kam, Nany, Kaycee, and Amber B. as the remaining female stars vying to win part of a million dollars in the final. That was a proud moment for Aneesa, who also spoke about it in comments she made in Episode 15.

“One of my girls are gonna win and I’m so happy for that. I’m grateful that I was part of it,” Aneesa said to her castmates before leaving The Crater.

She elaborated on that during a confessional interview segment as she proudly spoke about her remaining castmates.

“The one thing I wanted was a woman of color winning, and there are nothing left but women of color, so my purpose is fulfilled, and it feels incredible,” she shared.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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