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The Challenge: All Stars sneak peek footage shows competitors taking on Deep Blue Dive mission

deep blue dive mission from the challenge all stars spinoff
Competitors await teammates during the Deep Blue Dive mission on The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

When The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season arrives, the competitors won’t have things any easier than the cast members do on the regular seasons.

Based on trailers and teasers, the daily missions will be just as intense and grueling as the challenges featured on the regular season.

In recent footage revealed for the OGs spinoff season, the competitors will participate in Deep Blue Dive, which involves a combination and physical and mental abilities.

The Challenge: All Stars to feature Deep Blue Dive

In a recent segment on Good Morning America, The Challenge: All Stars cast members Mark Long and Ruthie Alcaide appeared for a quick chat about the upcoming spinoff show. During their interview, sneak peek footage was shown of Operation Deep Blue Dive, which will be one of the missions the competitors are involved with.

Mark Long explains the mission shown in the clip (below). It involves teams having to solve a math equation, and then a competitor swims to retrieve a box underwater with the correct answer on it. Once that box is brought back, the team moves on to solving the next equation.

Alton Williams is doing the swimming and diving in the footage as his various teammates cheer him on. Beth Stolarczyk is shown back on land providing her expertise and leadership to solve the math equation.

While the exact format for All Stars is unknown, it is known that there will be daily challenges, voting, and eliminations. In addition, a final will take place with $500,000 on the line for one winner. That should up the ante for many of the competitors who haven’t competed on The Challenge in years.

Mark and Ruthie shared what to expect with All Stars

During the segment, the GMA hosts mentioned that it had been a while since Mark and Ruthie have competed on The Challenge. The 43-year-old Ruthie, who appeared on Real World: Hawaii in 1999, was asked what viewers can expect to see on the spinoff season.

“You know a lot of people think that we have to be in wheelchairs by now, but no. We’re competing and doing things that the kids are doing these days. They’re gonna see us like really holding our own and you know, showing off,” Ruthie shared.

It’s been over 10 years since The Godfather of reality TV Mark Long has competed on The Challenge. The 49-year-old two-time Challenge champ was asked if his veteran experience gave him an edge in preparing for the All Stars season.

“I think we trained a little bit differently. It was more balanced training. You know, just holding your breath, climbing weird objects outside. So we knew it wasn’t gonna be a tug-o-war every day. I think my experience will play in, but I’m not really a veteran in this case. I”m basically the same age as a lot of these folks, and it gets serious,” he revealed.

“There’s laughing. There’s crying. There’s alliances. There’s voting off. It gets nasty. It’s everything a great competition show should be,” Mark added.

Based on Mark and Ruthie’s comments, along with the various footage that’s been revealed, it appears The Challenge spinoff season will deliver much of what fans of the MTV reality series have enjoyed over the years.

The Challenge: All Stars premieres on Thursday, April 1 on Paramount+.

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