The Challenge Season 38, Episode 14 trailer teases Chauncey Palmer’s panic and TJ Lavin’s surprise

chauncey palmer in the challenge ride or dies
Could Chauncey Palmer be in trouble at The Zone in Ride or Dies Episode 14? Pic credit: MTV

So far, The Challenge: Ride or Dies has been mostly incident-free as far as altercations involving the cast members or disqualifications resulting in people being sent home.

In the previous season, Spies, Lies & Allies, three cast members were sent home due to various infractions against the rules, some of which were shown or revealed and others that were not.

A recent trailer for The Challenge Season 38, Episode 14, teases that could be on the way for the Ride or Dies cast when host TJ Lavin shows up to see the cast members.

In the video clip, TJ surprises the cast during the daytime and is shown telling them, “What did I tell you? Stay ready. Everyone, pack your s**t.”

“It’s NEVER a good sign when TJ comes to the house,” suggests the caption for the latest teaser trailer on social media.

Based on that, it seems the cast could be on their way to participating in a nighttime challenge or possibly moving to a new location for the season.

The Challenge 38, Episode 14 trailer reveals another Tori vs. Jordan fight

A running theme throughout the Ride or Dies season has been the attempted rekindling of a relationship between Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley. However, things went awry as Jordan began to hook up with their rookie castmate, Nurys Mateo.

In the past several episodes, Tori has been going off toward Jordan for his involvement with Nurys and then the way he chose to vote against Tori’s wishes in Ride or Dies Episode 12.

“You drive me crazy!” Tori yells at Jordan in a censored bit during the trailer, with him telling her, “If you can’t deal with it, f**k off.”

“This is no place for love,” Jordan suggests in another scene before footage shows an overhead shot from The Zone and Tori seeming surprised about whatever is happening.

Chauncey Palmer faces fear in Ride or Dies Episode 14

Another part of the Ride or Dies teaser trailer features a terrified Chauncey Palmer as he tells TJ he doesn’t think he can go. Based on the footage, he’s participating in something at nighttime involving the tall building from Episode 4’s daily challenge.

During that daily, competitors were on top of the building with their Ride or Dies teammate hanging via harness over the side. The objective was to jump from a ledge toward one’s hanging partner and use momentum to push far enough to retrieve a hanging flag.

The latest daily is unknown, but it appears that it will be the first official challenge of Season 38, taking place at night. In the previous episode, the Ride or Dies competitors started during the daytime, but it eventually became night as the final part of the event took place.

Chauncey could be in trouble, too, because if he fails to compete, it could mean his team is up for elimination.

With Episode 13 featuring a women’s elimination, the next one will feature the men. Could Chauncey join Moriah Jadea as the latest rookie to get eliminated?

It would be a rough situation for his Ride or Dies partner, girlfriend Amber Borzotra, should she lose her biggest support system during the season.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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