The Challenge alum Morgan Willett opens up about Johnny Bananas breakup, is ‘still struggling’ months later

morgan willett and johnny bananas in the challenge war of the worlds
Morgan Willett and Johnny Bananas in The Challenge: War of the Worlds. Pic credit: Paramount+

Four months after their very public breakup, former The Challenge and Big Brother star Morgan Willett admits she’s “still struggling” in terms of resolving her feelings about her ex Johnny Bananas.

The two reality TV stars dated for over two years following their brief appearance together on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, but things came to a sudden end in 2021.

Their split came with rumors Bananas cheated on Morgan, and a video popped up online seeming to catch him getting cozy with a mystery woman.

With the relationship now in the rearview mirror, Morgan gave an exclusive interview in which she discussed her feelings and shared more details about the breakup.

Morgan says she would’ve married Bananas if he asked

This past week, former Challenger Morgan Willett appeared on the FML Talk Podcast, where she spoke with host Gabrielle Stone. Morgan talked about a former relationship with a high-profile reality TV star, who remained nameless during the chat. However, details matched up with Morgan’s previous relationship with Johnny Bananas based on the conversation.

Stone asked Morgan if she felt like this was “the guy” for her and her “forever” person, and Morgan said while she’d like to say otherwise, she thought he was.

“I poured everything I possibly could have into this. I gave my heart, my soul…would’ve jumped off a cliff for this guy. I really believed this was it,” Morgan said on the podcast.

“I’ve never felt that way about someone, and I think that’s why four months later, I’m still struggling so much,” she added.

Morgan even confessed that if Bananas had asked her to marry him, she “would’ve said ‘Yes’ in a heartbeat.”

Unfortunately, things came to a disappointing end for Morgan, as she revealed her breakup with Bananas last September just as she was heading off for a family vacation in Hawaii. Soon after the breakup was confirmed, Bananas gave a brief statement about it all, staying silent on what happened.

Morgan spoke about red flags, her ‘gut feeling’

Following the breakup, Morgan shared posts on social media related to her healing after ending her serious relationship. Her sister got involved, blasting Johnny Bananas as a “narcissist” at one point for what she felt was an “insensitive” social media post aimed at the breakup.

During the podcast chat, Stone asked Morgan what sorts of “red flags” she saw pop up during her relationship with Bananas. Morgan prefaced it by saying she wasn’t there to “bash someone.”

“I’ll never bash him because I still have so much love in my heart for him,” Morgan said, adding, “I do want to share my story and my truth.”

“There was a lot,” Morgan said as far as red flags. “I think anytime you get sent a screenshot, you need to believe that because people aren’t going out of their way to photoshop stuff.”

Stone confirmed with Morgan that she was getting screenshots from other women on Instagram. Those screenshots showed interactions between those women and Bananas. Morgan said they were mostly “questionable” screenshots with emojis “insinuating” things.

However, she said it “wrecked [her] life” when she received screenshots of actual text messages between Bananas and other women.

“Looking back, I’m like, ‘You should’ve left. You should’ve left,'” Morgan admitted during the podcast but also agreed with the host that many people say things like that in hindsight.

She said when she confronted Bananas about the screenshots, it would always come back to an answer of “that’s not real” or “it was a joke” or “I was bored.”

However, Morgan said she wanted people listening to take away that they “cannot ignore that gut feeling.” She said towards the end, she didn’t even know what was right or not anymore because she’d ignored her gut feeling and was trying to figure everything out.

Morgan comments on finding out about cheating

A gut feeling happened when Morgan was heading out on a trip to Texas. She said she had a weird feeling and wanted to cancel the trip to stay home with Bananas and go to an MTV party but didn’t.

When she got back, she said Bananas picked her up, and she got home to find the sheets were just washed but hadn’t made the bed yet. She said that made her think “something is off.”

Morgan said Bananas avoided her most of that day, and when she asked what was up, he said he was just really hungover from the party. When he didn’t kiss her goodnight, she said she knew that something was going on.

A week went by, and Morgan felt maybe things were alright until she received “a text that no one wants to hear” from a mutual friend telling her they needed to talk because “something’s wrong.”

Morgan didn’t reveal who the individual was that wanted to talk. However, the mutual friend told her that Bananas had brought someone home from the bar with him while Morgan was out of town.

She said she “went numb” at that moment, and she was met with him telling her that her friend was “crazy.” Morgan said she needed to leave, though, and that’s what happened as she gained the strength to pack up and leave.

Morgan said she would’ve preferred Bananas took accountability by telling her what happened and admitted to a mistake, but now she’s learning it’s a “repeated behavior possibly.”

She said she chose to appear on the FML Talk Podcast after reading through host Gabrielle Stone’s book Eat, Pray, #FML. Morgan revealed she also went on the podcast was due to getting many messages praising her for her strength in moving forward after her breakup.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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1 year ago

i mean good for her for getting out of a bad relationship-but she cheated on Jay with Bananas so karmas a ******