The Challenge: Morgan Willett’s sister blasts ‘narcissist’ Johnny Bananas for ‘insensitive’ post after breakup

johnny bananas during the challenge total madness season
Morgan Willett’s sister has called out Johnny Bananas following his breakup with her sister. Pic credit: MTV

Following a painful breakup for Morgan Willett involving allegations that Johnny Bananas cheated on her, Morgan’s sister has called out Bananas over what happened and his “insensitive” activity after the split.

That included his recent reference to the infamous “Bananas backpack,” which he used as a metaphor for moving through tough moments in life.

It led to Morgan’s sister reacting to the post with some choice words for The Challenge star about his treatment of her sister, referring to him as a “narcissist” and suggesting “something is seriously mentally wrong” with him.

Johnny Bananas shares ‘tough moments’ Challenge post

Several weeks ago, Monsters & Critics reported about Morgan Willett’s breakup with Johnny Bananas, which she revealed in several Instagram Story posts.

She later confirmed the breakup was due to him cheating on her, as a video circulating online allegedly showed Bananas with another woman at a Newport Beach bar.

Bananas commented about the breakup just briefly in a statement to one publication, suggesting he wouldn’t be speaking much at all about what happened between him and Morgan.

However, he recently shared an Instagram post that caught the attention of many people, including Morgan Willett’s sister Alex.

“When life carries you through tough moments,” the text above the image says on Bananas’ IG post.

The image featured in Bananas’ post is of the classic elimination against fellow Challenge legend Chris “CT” Tamburello. The two were strapped back-to-back, and the first one to move the other to a finish line at the other side would win.

CT went on to show his brute strength and power as he forcefully walked step by step over to his finish area, carrying Bananas like he was wearing him like a backpack. It spawned the famous “Bananas backpack” reference and even merchandise that Bananas now sells on his website.

Morgan Willett’s sister Alex calls out Bananas

Following the above post, Morgan’s sister Alex commented about it. Even though it appears Bananas has been selectively deleting comments about his breakup from social media, the @Challengemtv__ Twitter account was able to grab screenshots to show Alex’s comments.

Bananas’ castmate Wes Bergmann appeared in the comments joking he’s there to see what transpires. Alex follows that with a comment where she calls out Bananas for his “insensitive” activity after the breakup.

“When life carries you through tough moments? Please. Let’s change this narrative – How about you think about the girl who loved you that you betrayed and how she’s trying to get through this tough moment. You are SO insensitive. There’s something seriously mentally wrong with you,” Alex wrote in a comment.

morgan willett sister alex comments on bananas treatment of sister
Pic credit: @Challengemtv__/Twitter

In another comment, an individual asked Alex what she really thought about Bananas during his time with Morgan. She indicated that she “liked” him, and so did her family and friends after they got to know him.

“However a tiger doesn’t change its stripes and now I just feel sorry for him and how his life is going to end up,” she said in her reply.

morgan willett sister comments screenshot from challenge fan account
Pic credit: @ChallengeMTV___/Twitter

She referred to Bananas as a “full fledged narcissist who only cares about himself.”

An individual replied to Alex suggesting that Bananas’ former castmate on The Challenge, Sarah Rice, has said this for years.

Bananas infamously worked with Rice on The Challenge: Rivals III season to reach the final and win it before opting to keep all of their first-place prize money for himself thanks to a show twist.

morgan sister alex comments about johnny bananas as narcissist tweet screenshot
Pic credit: @MTVChallenge___/Twitter

Bananas’ activities on social media have certainly caught Alex’s attention as she is letting Johnny Bananas know exactly what she thinks about his treatment of her sister following the split.

Bananas hasn’t responded to any of her comments, and as mentioned, he’s deleted some comments on his social media referring to the breakup.

Morgan and Bananas originally met as castmates on The Challenge: War of the Worlds season, which began filming in 2018, and despite a brief appearance in just a few episodes, went on to date after filming ended. The breakup rumors and eventual confirmation came several weeks ago, ending their relationship of two years.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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