The Challenge: Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett breakup confirmed with statement

morgan willett and johnny bananas on vacation together
Morgan Willett and Johnny Bananas have officially split, Willett confirmed in a statement. Pic credit: @morganleighwillett/Instagram

After rumors circulated online over the weekend, it’s been confirmed that former The Challenge castmates Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett have officially split.

After Morgan’s social media post over the weekend led to fan speculation about her and Bananas’ relationship possibly being over, she released an official statement confirming the breakup.

The reality TV stars were together for two years, with Morgan saying she would take some time for healing and processing after her breakup with Bananas.

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Morgan Willett releases statement about breakup

This past weekend, rumors began to pop up via social media due to Morgan Willett’s “cryptic” post on her Instagram Story. In that lengthy post, she mentioned she felt “hurt” and “betrayed” and headed off for a trip with her family. She didn’t elaborate on the situation beyond that, mentioning she wanted to be honest and “transparent” with her followers.

That post immediately sparked rumors that she and Bananas had split, with some people speculating that Bananas may have cheated on her based on some of Morgan’s words.

On Monday, Morgan released an official statement to confirm the breakup. She mentioned she was “heartbroken” and “thankful to know the truth” but didn’t elaborate.

“I’ve always tried my best to be an open book and after seeing everything circulate over the internet, I felt like I should let you all know that Johnny and I are no longer together,” Morgan told US Weekly in a statement.

“While I feel heartbroken, I’m thankful to know the truth. Johnny is someone I loved & respected very much and so I will be taking some time to heal and process it all. Thank you to everyone for the support and when I’m ready to share more, I will. For now, I’m just focused on spending time with my family,” she told US Weekly.

Willett last posted a photo featuring her and Bananas together on August 29 (below), as the two were in Santa Barbara, California, together.

Bananas and Morgan met during The Challenge

Morgan, 27, was originally a contestant on the first digital season of Big Brother. The CBS All-Access season, Big Brother: Over the Top, featured Morgan winning. She also appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach 2. On the show, Survivor star and future Challenge cast member Jay Starrett was one of her exes.

They had started dating after Morgan won Big Brother and seemed to reconnect for a strong relationship as Ex on the Beach 2 season ended. However, during the Ex on the Beach 2 reunion, Jay accused Morgan of cheating on him to start a relationship with The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas.

She and Bananas first appeared as teammates on The Challenge: War of the Worlds, filmed in 2018 and aired in early 2019. The two hit it off during the show’s filming and began dating after their elimination early in the season, leading to a two-year relationship.

While WOTW was Morgan’s only season of MTV’s The Challenge, Johnny Bananas has been a longtime cast member. After originally appearing on The Real World: Key West, Bananas appeared on 20 regular seasons of The Challenge and two spin-offs on MTV.

He’s won seven championships, with his seventh coming on the Total Madness season. Bananas hasn’t appeared on The Challenge since then, as he’s been on a hiatus, working as a host for NBC’s 1st Look and Celebrity Sleepover. In addition, he’s the host of a recently-launched podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas, which focuses on MTV’s The Challenge.

“I am a difficult person to date because I have a wacky lifestyle. I’ve never been a person that plans. I’m not a planner. I’m a spontaneous person. I have to be because my life changes from day to day. Since the day I’ve met her, she’s always been able to roll with the punches and go with the flow,” Bananas said on the Quarter Life Crisis podcast in January 2020.

As of this report, Johnny Bananas hasn’t made any comments regarding his and Morgan’s breakup, with his last Instagram post featuring them together four weeks ago.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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