The Challenge: All Stars’ Teck Holmes comments on his ‘aggressive fans,’ shares details of some DM requests

teck holmes in the challenge all stars 2
Teck Holmes in The Challenge: All Stars 2 season. Pic credit: Paramount+

Appearing on MTV’s The Challenge and Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars spinoff series has perks, including love and attention from fans.

According to Teck Holmes, some of his fans, in particular, can get a bit carried away in terms of their requests from him in Instagram DMs.

In a humorous video, the All Stars OG recently talked about some of these requests he’s received, giving the sort of commentary that only Teck “Money” Holmes can bring.

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Teck comments on DM requests he can’t fulfill, yet?

Former Real World star Teck Holmes took time to appreciate all the love and support he’s received from fans after appearing on All Stars and, more recently, All Stars 2.

In a new video he shared to his official Instagram, Teck was seated in a car and spoke to the people about it, as he wished everyone a Happy New Year and showed his appreciation for all that love.

However, he also mentioned that he’s getting a lot of attention from some very aggressive fans lately.

“Thank you to everyone that’s been showing me love and support on The Challenge: All Stars 2,” adding, “I gotta say that my homosexual gay male fans have really been aggressive witcha boy.”

“Everybody be like, ‘you should start an OnlyFans page.’ I’m like, ‘Nope, not starting an OnlyFans page so only you and the rest of your gay friends can subscribe and get to pinchin’ and zoomin’ on private parts,” Teck joked. 

The former Real World star also joked that he’s been getting requests for feet pics and offered money in his DMs to send them.

“‘He’s like, ‘I’ll give you $50 for some pictures of your feet?’ I’m like, ‘No way, brah. I’m not sending you no damn pictures of my feet for $50. You crazy?! Now, if you say $500, then I might think about it,'” Teck added before saying he’s on his way to a pedicure appointment.

The Real World and Challenge OG currently has just under 13,000 followers on his Instagram after appearances on the spinoff series. Many of his castmates are trying to catch up to that number, while others boast many more.

For example, Darrell Taylor has been on MTV’s main season within the past year and has nearly 100,000 followers. As of this report, their Season 1 castmate Aneesa Ferreira boasts 173,000 followers.

Some of the cast members on the main show have generated massive social media followings due to their appearances on MTV’s shows. That includes Cory Wharton, who has 1.4 million followers, Chris “CT” Tamburello with over 637,000 followers, and Nany Gonzalez with over 400,000 followers.

Teck brought the entertainment in All Stars

Teck is among the many OGs who returned for The Challenge: All Stars, with the first spinoff season on Paramount Plus last year. He previously appeared on MTV’s The Real World: Hawaii alongside castmates including Ruthie Alcaide, Colin Mortensen, and Amaya Brecher.

With the first season of All Stars, Teck brought entertaining commentary, such as joking about his castmates being senior citizens competing in their first daily challenge.

He’d lose in an elimination early in the season to his castmate Nehemiah Clark. To make it ” extra spicy, ” the two competitors had to eat Carolina Reaper peppers before starting the challenge. That brought some entertaining scenes before they competed.

Teck returned for All Stars Season 2 and picked up where he left off. He also became part of a strong alliance called the King’s Palace, featuring his friends Nehemiah, Laterrian Wallace, and Melinda Collins.

He’s also been showing off his hobby of skinny dipping in both seasons he’s appeared in. That generated some extra attention from castmate Ayanna Mackins, who took notice of the “king” and appreciated his “royal scepter.” Ayanna later became Teck’s teammate during the season.

Most likely, those scenes and Teck’s entertaining commentary have gained him many new fans. He’s also closing in on The Challenge: All Stars 2 final, with the finalists to be decided in Episode 9.

That said, many of The Challenge cast members have gone on to join Only Fans due to the money it can make them. Some of the main show’s stars with OF pages include Devin Walker, Amanda Garcia, Tori Deal, and Amber Borzotra.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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