The Challenge: Teck Holmes talks about how King’s Palace and Save The Palace song started

laterrian wallace nehemiah clark and teck holmes in the challenge all stars 2
King’s Palace alliance members Laterrian Wallace, Teck Holmes, and Nehemiah Clark in The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 2 brought fans an alliance of OGs known as King’s Palace, which included several castmates from the first season of the spinoff series.

Among them was Teck Holmes, who, along with his friends, was able to create a theme song for the group called Save The Palace.

The former Real World: Hawaii star recently revealed how the alliance formed and what inspired their catchy theme music that is now available online.

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There are spoilers in this report for The Challenge: All Stars 2 up to Episode 9 of the season.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 OG explains King’s Palace origin

The first season of All Stars featured OGs Teck “Money” Holmes, Nehemiah Clark, and Laterrian Wallace among cast members. None of them reached the final, although Nehemiah was within reach, losing in elimination just before it arrived.

However, the three friends went into the spinoff’s second season and became allies as they looked to get to the final together this time. They’d add Nehemiah’s Real World castmate and friend, Melinda Collins, to their alliance.

Eventually, they became known as the King’s Palace, representing the three kings and the queen, who they needed to keep safe from elimination at all costs.

While Teck said he was already friends with his OG castmates, he revealed on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast that he didn’t go into the season with any planned alliances.

“Me and LT, I guess we had an alliance already. We were roommates from before, so you know, that’s my boy. So it’s kind of like one of those natural alliances,” Teck shared.

“I was ready to play the game. Our alliances came naturally,” he added, saying it was due to them all being in the same room and wanting that “organic feel” with things.

“It just came to us really clowning up in the room, like really just being some cool cats, just clownin’, and so the King’s Palace we got the sign, you know what I’m saying? It was the three kings, the queen, and the king’s hand for Steve [Meinke],” Teck said of their hand gesture.

Steve was considered an ally but only for a minute, as the other alliance members felt he betrayed them by saying he wanted to face Teck in an upcoming elimination. However, the group soon added Jasmine Reynaud and Ayanna Mackins due to a twist in the game featuring teammates.

That created a strong group of allies, who have attempted to take over the game with each new episode.

Teck shares how Save The Palace song originated

Eventually, the King’s Palace added a catchy theme song, which started with a chorus the alliance sang after returning safely from the Arena eliminations. It opened several episodes, with the allies dancing and singing in their room.

In one episode, Teck even recited some lyrics to go with the song he had written in a notebook. During his podcast appearance, Teck said the song originally came about in their room as Laterrian was about to go into the Pole Wrestle elimination.

Teck said he and LT and others were looking out the window down at other castmates and just talking “s**t.”

“When LT was like going into the Arena or something, and he’s like ‘Yo we need to have a theme song,’ and then I literally was looking out the window and I was like messing around [with] ‘Save the Palace, Save the Palace.’ We were clowning,” Teck said during the podcast episode.

Save The Palace

Teck mentioned that one of the show directors started rapping as they were signing their Save the Palace chant, which inspired Teck to write a complete song to go with it.

“On the way to elimination, I just wrote the song, and [LT] won, so we just busted it out, ‘Save the Palace, Save the Palace,'” Teck shared on the podcast.

He added that he got his friend Fingazz, a multi-platinum producer, to hook them up and help them create the song. They all linked up in Los Angeles at the studio to record it. That included the King’s Palace members, Nehemiah and Melinda who join on the chorus, with LT providing an additional rap verse.

The song is now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. In addition, Teck shared a behind-the-scenes video from the studio recording sessions, revealing how the catchy Save The Palace track came together.

Based on a trailer for Episode 9 of All Stars 2, the Save The Palace chant may not be everyone’s favorite song, as castmates likely heard the chorus repeatedly during their stay in the house. However, many fans seem to love it, as it’s part of a memorable All Stars 2 soundtrack.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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