The Challenge: Ayanna Mackins praises Real World Homecoming stars Tami Roman and Beth Stolarczyk

ayanna mackins in the challenge all stars 2 episode 8
Ayanna Mackins during her salad confessional from The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars spinoff series brings back OGs to compete who previously appeared on MTV’s shows from yesteryear, including Road Rules and The Real World.

It was The Real World: Los Angeles that brought reality TV personalities including Jon Brennan, Beth Stolarczyk, and Tami Roman, while Road Rules: Semester at Sea brought Yes Duffy, Veronica Portillo, and Ayanna Mackins. Most of those stars went on to appear on The Challenge.

In a recent series of comments based on their Homecoming reunion series, Ayanna praised several Real World OGs and explained which cast member’s salad she wouldn’t ever eat.

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Ayanna jokes she’d never eat Tami’s salad

The Real World Homecoming brought back Tami Akbar, better known as Tami Roman on TV, years after her initial appearance on MTV’s Los Angeles season.

That meant bringing back some tough memories for Tami, including seeing former castmate David Edwards. During an episode of their original season, the aspiring comedian continued to pull a bed sheet that Tami was covering herself with until he revealed her in her underwear.

Following a series of heated scenes involving confrontational moments, David was evicted by the decision of his castmates.

Years later, Tami and David returned for Homecoming, and the incident came up again amongst the RW OGs. Tami also confronted her older castmates over their use of a racial slur during a segment in the reunion, among other moments.

The Challenge: All Stars 2’s Ayanna Mackins appears to be a fan of the Homecoming show and recently tweeted why she would never eat Tami’s salad.

“I’ll tell you this… I’ll neva eat @TamiRoman salad! She look like she’d take a flip flop, an extension cord, and a printed TV Guide to my hindparts… THEN slam the screen door in my face… and tell me to play outside till the streetlight come on. #RealWorldHomecomingLA,” Ayanna tweeted.

Ayanna included a fan’s tweet showing Tami and Ayanna side by side from their respective Paramount Plus shows and calling the two women “Goddesses of authenticity” who are “carrying their seasons” despite being off MTV for decades.

ayanna mackins of all stars 2 tweets about tami roman of homecoming
Pic credit: @ayannasuperhero/Twitter

In Episode 8 of All Stars 2, viewers watched yet another food incident cause issues amongst Challenge castmates. Jodi Weatherton ended up losing a Greek salad she wanted to eat. As she was looking for it, Ayanna, cleaning up after her castmates’ party, suggested Jodi could help clean up if she wasn’t feeling too “entitled.”

That resulted in castmate Jasmine Reynaud learning what Ayanna said and going to confront her. Later at the meeting to vote for a team to go into elimination, Ayanna jokingly revealed she had eaten Jodi’s salad and loved every minute of it.

Real World Homecoming’s Jon Brennan chimed in with several replies, one of which was letting Ayanna know it would never be a good idea to eat Tami’s salad.

He went on to call the salad moment “iconic” but also said he loves Jodi Weatherton, a former castmate of his from The Challenge: Inferno II season.

jon brennan replies ayanna mackins tweet
Pic credit: @JonBrennan_com/Twitter

Jon was on three seasons of The Challenge following his time on Real World. However, his castmate Tami never appeared on MTV’s competition series due to pursuing other work in the entertainment industry.

Ayanna praises Beth Stolarczyk as a ‘Superhero’

In addition to joking about Tami and tweeting with Jon, Ayanna said she’d be dedicating her upcoming tweets to The Real World Homecoming as she watched the episodes about Los Angeles.

In another tweet, Ayanna praised her castmate, Beth Stolarczyk, in her appearance on the show, calling her a “Superhero.”

When a fan replied to Ayanna calling Beth a “legend,” the OG recognized her castmate’s importance in reality TV in her return for Homecoming.

“She is representing SOOO many people with this! Love who you Love!” Ayanna wrote in her response.

ayanna mackins comments on beth stolarczyk
Pic credit: @ayannasuperhero/Twitter

Beth and Ayanna originally appeared together for MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Sexes season in 2002. Also in the cast were Real World: Los Angeles’ David Edwards, and Puck from Real World: San Francisco season. The two controversial castmates butted heads during their time on The Challenge, which back then was hosted by Johnny Mosley before TJ Lavin took over as host.

It also featured castmates voting each other off rather than eliminations. David and Beth were out early, leaving in the first three episodes, while Ayanna survived until Episode 13.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Real World Homecoming episodes are available for streaming on Paramount Plus.

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You read that wrong. Ayanna was praising Beth A not Beth S.