Ayanna Mackins on The Challenge: Who is the All Stars 2 cast member and what is her Instagram?

ayanna mackins on the challenge all stars 2 cast
Road Rules and The Challenge star Ayanna Mackins returns for The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/Instagram

The Challenge OGs are back as All Stars Season 2 will feature fan favorites from MTV’s reality shows Fresh Meat, The Real World, and Road Rules.

This will include Ayanna Mackins, an All Stars 2 cast member returning to The Challenge after 16 years away from the show.

She’s also searching for her first appearance in a final, and more importantly, her first win to bring home some big prize money.

Here’s what to know about Ayanna Mackins from The Challenge and where you can find her on social media.

Who is Ayanna Mackins from The Challenge?

With The Challenge: All Stars spinoff, some longtime fans are getting reacquainted with cast members who appeared on the show many years ago, while others are meeting them for the first time.

Ayanna Mackins from Media, Pennsylvania, originally debuted on MTV’s popular series Road Rules. She was part of the cast for Road Rules: Semester at Sea in 1999, where the cast members traveled on a cruise ship for the season and participated in various quests.

Among her castmates for that season were future Challenge stars Veronica Portillo and Yes Duffy. Both have won Challenge championships, with Yes also winning the first season of the All Stars spinoff.

Ayanna famously feuded and argued with Veronica during their Road Rules season. That included Ayanna accusing Veronica of copying her report they had due as an assignment.

As far as Ayanna’s Challenge experience goes, she appeared on three seasons with Extreme Challenge, Battle of the Sexes, and Battle of the Sexes 2.

She never reached a final in any of those seasons but achieved six daily challenge wins. She does not have an elimination record due to the format of those earlier seasons.

The Road Rules star also made Challenge history as the first-ever contestant to get disqualified from a season. That happened in her rookie season, Extreme Challenge, when she assaulted castmate Christian Breivik off camera.

“Sometimes you wish you’d get a do-over. This feels like that,” Ayanna says as part of a voiceover in the All Stars 2 teaser trailer.

In a promotional video where the All Stars 2 cast shared iconic moments from The Challenge, Ayanna revealed hers was getting to meet LL Cool J during Rollerball.

During another All Stars promotional video, the 41-year-old Ayanna said she now has two “tweenagers” that will be heading off to college, and she’d like to win that prize money to help them attend school.

Interestingly in that same video, Ayanna revealed she has kept in touch with all Road Rules castmates, except Veronica.

Several years ago, Ayanna and other Road Rules castmates attended a 20-year reunion. According to People’s report, Veronica was unable to attend.

Is Ayanna on Instagram or other social media?

Ayanna is relatively new to Instagram as she made her first post this month. Right now, she has just over 400 followers, but that’s likely to grow as she appears on The Challenge: All Stars 2.

“Ordinary Person Occasionally Called To Handle Extraordinary Things. New to IG, will try to post/reply when I can, positive vibes preferred!” Ayanna’s IG bio says.

Fans can follow her Instagram @ayannasuperhero, where she’s posted several more photos since the October 2 post below.

As of this report, Ayanna Mackins from The Challenge: All Stars 2 doesn’t appear to use other social media such as the popular Twitter platform. However, that could also change as the episodes start rolling and cast members start talking about what happened behind the scenes.

Fans will get to watch Ayanna compete with other OGs on The Challenge: All Stars 2 and see if she can finally capture her first win with big prize money up for grabs.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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