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The Challenge: All Stars 2 video features cast members reliving iconic moments including ‘huge brawl’

brad fiorenza of the challenge all stars 2
The Challenge’s Brad Fiorenza recalls an iconic moment from a previous season in an All Stars 2 video. Pic credit: MTV

In a brand new promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff, the cast members relive some of their most iconic moments from the MTV show.

Among them are OGs Derek Chavez, Ryan Kehoe, Ayanna Mackins, Brad Fiorenza, and Jasmine Reynaud, some of the newest cast members in the series.

Several of the All Stars 2 cast members are castmates from other MTV shows or castmates from previous seasons of The Challenge, so they have some shared experiences to reminisce over.

That includes scary daily challenges, intense elimination matchups, and a huge brawl that broke out amongst the cast during one season.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast recalls iconic moments

There are 24 OG cast members coming to The Challenge: All Stars 2, which officially premieres just before mid-November.

Those cast members consist of familiar faces from past seasons of The Challenge, who are now recalling some major highlights from their time on the show.

For example, The Real World: Cancun’s Jasmine Reynaud is back for All Stars 2, and she once teamed up with her RW castmate Jonna Mannion for a classic elimination. In the Unburied event from The Challenge: Rivals, they competed against Real World: Brooklyn’s Sarah Rice and Katelynn Cusanelli.

The elimination involved freeing your teammate who was buried under piles of hay and dirt inside a closed coffin. After that, there was a puzzle to solve. In an exciting matchup, Jasmine and Jonna scored the upset win sending Challenge legend Sarah and rookie teammate Katelynn home.

Another classic moment arrives via Leah Gillingwater, who initially appeared on The Real World: Paris as one of CT Tamburello’s castmates before they both appeared on The Challenge: Inferno.

“The brick-by-brick Inferno against Kendal [Sheppard], and at some point, CT says, ‘Hurry the f**k up,’ and I respond, ‘Why don’t you shut the f**k up?’ and it felt really good,” Leah shared in her retelling of the incident.

Huge brawl among major fights during The Challenge seasons

Several cast members appearing in The Challenge: All Stars 2 were involved in fights, with Real World: Cancun star Derek Chavez recalling a “huge brawl” he was part of.

“We got into the huge brawl on Battle of the Seasons with the entire cast, and Marie [Roda] pushed me into Sam [McGinn] into a pot. That meme is going to live forever in my brain because it’s basically what I’m known for now, the guy that got pushed into a pot,” Derek said.

A clip below reveals what happened as things began with a heated altercation involving Nany Gonzalez, Derek, and Frank Sweeney, with Marie getting involved to have Nany’s back.

It’s worth noting that nobody involved in the “huge brawl” got disqualified that season. Marie was eliminated in Episode 10 with partner Robb Schreiber (RW: Key West), while Derek and his partner Jonna got eliminated one episode later.

While Derek didn’t make it to the final that season, Sam did as part of Real World: San Diego along with castmates Zach Nichols, Frank, and Ashley Marie Kelsey. They went on to become the winners of the Battle of the Seasons.

Two other castmates set to return for All Stars 2 are Darrell Taylor and Brad Fiorenza. By now, longtime fans of The Challenge probably know what links these two together.

During a heated moment on The Ruins season, an intoxicated Brad kept trash-talking Darrell about fighting and egging him on to hit him. Eventually, it came to that, with Darrell delivering multiple punches to his castmate’s face, resulting in a seriously swollen eye for Brad.

Both ended up kicked off that season due to physical violence. That and other fights seemed to set the stage for a mostly zero-tolerance policy which MTV’s The Challenge has now. In the promo video, Brad didn’t mention that incident, but he and Darrell may reminisce over it on the spinoff.

When the All Stars 2 cast returns to compete, it might get intense, but it’s doubtful the OGs are going to throw punches at one another after maturing over the years. However, with $500,000 on the line, one never knows what may happen between competitors!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, October 11, on Paramount Plus.

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