The Challenge’s Darrell Taylor comments to fans about world’s hottest pepper from All Stars

the challenge darrell taylor during all stars episode confessional
Darrell Taylor tweeted to fans about the world’s hottest pepper, but avoid it all costs. Pic credit: Paramount+

Darrell Taylor is giving fans of The Challenge a dare that most should probably avoid. The All Stars competitor recently suggested fans try a “triple dawg dare” involving what is considered to be the world’s hottest pepper.

Viewers have seen those peppers come into play during The Challenge: All Stars season, giving cast members a tough additional twist when they have to compete.

Spoilers for The Challenge: All Stars up through Episode 8 including an elimination and part of the final will follow.

Disclaimer: A Huffington Post article here described possible serious health dangers involved in consuming the world’s hottest pepper.

World’s hottest pepper featured on The Challenge: All Stars

Early in the All Stars season, viewers got to see Teck “Money” Holmes and Nehemiah Clark do battle at The Arena in a men’s elimination. The event involved smashing tiles on a square structure’s walls and ceiling. That involved some physical ability to smash the titles and also hang from the ceiling to smash tiles before returning to the finish area.

However, before they could even start that event, host TJ Lavin turned up the heat on them. He pulled out a bag containing Carolina Reapers, which he said is the world’s hottest pepper. Each competitor had to consume two of those before starting the elimination. Puking ensued, and it probably made for a very uncomfortable and more difficult elimination.

the challenge all stars host tj lavin with carolina reapers
TJ Lavin brought out a bag of Carolina Reapers for competitors during an elimination on All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

Fast forward to All Stars Episode 8, and TJ’s final was underway. Competitors were involved in numerous tasks including canoeing through a large body of water, solving puzzles, riding bikes, and a foot race across the terrain in Argentina.

Once again, they introduced a twist at one of the puzzle checkpoints, bringing back the dreaded Carolina Reaper. Competitors had to consume them before they started trying to assemble the puzzle. Most seemed to get that done, but it was the run afterward where cast members struggled.

A video below shows more about the Carolina Reaper and the man behind it, “Smokin” Ed Currie, who was trying to breed an even hotter pepper.

Darrell gives fans ‘triple dawg dare’ to experience what Challengers do

As Episode 8 arrived in the past few days on Paramount Plus, members of the cast were reacting to it as they watched it back. That included Darrell, who made it into his fifth final during his Challenge career.

He tweeted out a “triple dawg dare” that most, if not all, fans will want to avoid as much as possible. Weak and sensitive stomachs could feel the pain, literally.

“If you truly want to get a taste of what we go through….I triple dawg dare ya to eat 2 Carolina Reapers on a empty stomach, then run 2miles #goodluck,” Darrell tweeted out.

the challenge all stars darrell taylor worlds hottest pepper dare
Pic credit: @mtvrrdarrell/Twitter

Footage showed several competitors struggling during the footrace part of the final after those Carolina Reapers really started to kick in. Jemmye Carroll ended up sitting on the ground with teammate Mark Long looking on in desperation. Footage from Darrell’s GoPro cam on his helmet showed him falling to the ground, in seemingly serious discomfort, even saying he might need a medic.

TJ’s already informed competitors that if one teammate quits, they’re both officially out of the final. So Darrell will really need to dig deep to push through that pain. He’s an OG competitor so fans know he’s capable of quite a lot.

One fan did provide a reply to Darrell’s challenge that all fans should keep in mind. If there’s no money on the line, it’s definitely not worth even considering that “triple dawg dare.”

the challenge darrell taylor fan replies to dare tweet
Pic credit: @mtvrrdarrell/Twitter

Darrell was also in agreement with that fan, as Darrell was actually competing for $500,000 with nine other cast members. As mentioned, there’s a risk of serious health dangers with the Carolina Reaper, so fans should avoid it at all costs.

Viewers will get to see if Darrell survives through that tough part of the final when All Stars Episode 9 arrives on Thursday, May 27.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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