The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 cast members share life updates, potential allies in ‘Welcome Back’ video

janelle casaneve in the challenge all stars 2 promo video
Janelle Casaneve appears with other OGs in The Challenge: All Stars 2 promotional video. Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

A new promotional video has arrived for The Challenge: All Stars Season 2, featuring cast members set to appear on the spinoff.

Among them are several OGs who appeared in the first season and many others who are coming back after a hiatus from The Challenge.

In the latest video, these cast members are reintroduced to fans ahead of the All Stars 2 premiere to let them know what they’ve been up to since they’ve been away.

‘Welcome Back’ video features The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast

Just days ago, fans got their first look at a teaser trailer for The Challenge: All Stars 2, along with cast photo reveals and a premiere date.

The buildup to the season premiere continues as MTV and Paramount Plus unveiled their first promotional video featuring the OG cast members.

While the first competitor shown is familiar face Derrick Kosinski, fans are soon reintroduced to Tyler Duckworth, Tina Barta, Melinda Collins, Jasmine Reynaud, Ryan Kehoe, and Jodi Weatherton.

The cast members speak on the last time they appeared on The Challenge, with Jodi mentioning it was 2006 for The Duel. Others were away for even longer, as her castmate Leah Gillingwater was last on the show in 2004.

“Holy cow, my life has changed so much since I’ve been on The Challenge. I’m married, with a dog,” Tina shared.

“I’m an old man,” Tyler Duckworth says, adding, “I read books for a living.”

Janelle Casaneve reveals she’s become a surgical nurse, while Jodi says she’s currently living in Germany. Other cast members pop up, including Teck “Money” Holmes and Jonna Mannion from Season 1. Viewers can catch up with those OGs and more in the full video below.

All Stars reveal why they returned to The Challenge

Some are there for the big prize money. Others say they’re addicted to the competition and overall game. Derrick Kosinski said he’s back because of all the “cool s**t” they get to do on the show. However, fans know there’s probably more to it for him.

The three-time champion probably wants to compete in an elimination again, as he didn’t get to in the first season of All Stars. Derrick’s proven himself to be a pit bull when it comes to those events.

He’s also probably looking to redeem himself after the infamous backward kayak/canoe incident that sent him and teammate Jisela Delgado home from the All Stars 1 final.

“I wanted to return to The Challenge to see if this hot mama still gots it,” Tina Barta revealed in the video. Surprisingly, Tina has never won a season of The Challenge despite reaching the final twice.

“I have two teenagers that are going to college soon, and I want to make sure they’re going to college in style,” says former Road Rules star Ayanna Mackins.

Leah shared a similar reason saying she doesn’t want to send her son out into the world with debt. Brad Fiorenza says the game is in his blood, and he wouldn’t want to get it out, even if there were a way to do so.

Potential All Stars 2 alliances revealed?

The video may hint at some potential alliances for the upcoming second season of All Stars. In one segment, cast members reveal who they’ve kept in touch with from their reality TV show casts.

Tyler says he and Janelle are close friends, while Derek Chavez says he’s kept in touch with most of his Real World Cancun castmates, including his All Stars 2 castmates Jonna Mannion and Jasmine.

Jodi admits she and Derrick have kept in touch, while Sophia Pasquis said she’s been keeping in touch with Road Rules castmates Katie Cooley and Steve Meinke.

Add to the above situations the fact that several OGs are returning from All Stars Season 1, and it could set up some interesting alliances.

The second season of the spinoff could also be highly competitive based on the number of champions arriving to compete, as 10 former winners are part of this cast. Check out who’s won the most money on The Challenge before All Stars 2 for an idea of who’s coming to compete.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11, on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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