The Challenge star Derrick Kosinski responds to Paulie Calafiore wanting to battle him in elimination

derrick kosinski on the challenge vendettas
Derrick Kosinski appeared in a classic elimination on The Challenge: Vendettas. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Could some online trash talk be setting the stage for a future elimination battle? The Challenge stars Derrick Kosinski and Paulie Calafiore recently had a back and forth exchange after the latter called out the former for an elimination.

Paulie commented during a recent interview in which he spoke about wanting to face certain individuals in The Challenge elimination to prove himself. One of the names that came up was All Stars finalist and three-time winner Derrick Kosinski.

Upon hearing of Paulie’s comments about putting the OGs to rest and wanting to see him in an elimination, Derrick gave some fiery replies to the former Big Brother start.

Derrick responds to Paulie’s comments about OGs

Last week, Paulie appeared on the #ALISTER Podcast and made comments about many topics. That included defending two Double Agents stars and revealing which competitors he wants to face in a physical elimination on The Challenge.

Paulie brought up several of the newer cast members, including War of the Worlds winner Turbo Turabi and two-time finalist Fessy Shafaat. He also mentioned all-time greats Darrell Taylor, CT Tamburello, and Derrick Kosinski as OGs he’d like to face to show what he’s got.

He also mentioned his opinion that The Challenge veterans need to hang it up and let the newer competitors show what they’ve got. The #ALISTERS Podcast tweeted out a link to the YouTube interview on July 9, tagging Derrick and mentioning Paulie, indicating “the Vets time is over.”

That got Derrick’s attention as he retweeted with a comment to dispel that notion real fast, reminding people of the show that just had 10 episodes released on Paramount Plus with much fanfare and positive feedback.

“The vets time is over?! I’m pretty sure they just gave us our own TV show on @paramountplus! @WeWantOGs @MTVAllStars !!!!!” Derrick tweeted.

Most likely, Paulie’s comments were an attempt to bait the other Challenge competitors into a reply, and it seems to have worked. However, Derrick also realizes that he can use the online exchange to his advantage. That said, he’s also one to not back down from other competitors.

Paulie and Derrick continued online exchange

Since Derrick was one of the names Paulie mentioned he wanted in elimination, it brought Derrick to retweet a recent reply Paulie gave to a fan on Twitter. The fan had mentioned Paulie needs to respect the OGs.

“Sorry…. I can’t hear you, I’m too busy dragging their body weight,” Paulie tweeted with a video clip of him running on the side of the road pulling a sled as part of his Olympic training.

“Why you tryina come play with the Pitbull when you’re still gassing out after 9 seconds…??” Derrick said in a retweet with the clip.

As many viewers saw, Paulie’s last Challenge appearance was for War of the Worlds. He reached the final as part of Team USA but struggled in terms of his endurance and passed out at one point. Team UK ultimately won that final, with Challenge stars CT Tamburello and Jordan Wiseley amongst the four winning members of the team.

After Paulie tweeted a GIF of Conor McGregor and said he’d only need seven seconds against Derrick, the OG threw another comment back at him.

“Yeah ok….are you talking in your sleep right now?? ??” Derrick tweeted with Paulie’s GIF.

Derrick ready for another Challenge achievement

Paulie retweeted the #ALISTERS interview video with another comment, bringing up The Challenge OGs, which again brought Derrick to reply to the comments.

“Call me old school/crazy but I’m tired of these pre determined storylines that cast mates plan beforehand. The stage is set for Old vs New School and I want blood, chaos, & carnage. I want the pit bull to be let loose and I wanna see what the hype is about in the sand @DerrickMTV,” Paulie said in his original tweet.

“Pitbull > Super Strong Olympic Trained Athlete in the dirt would actually be another nice notch on my belt after what happened with the English Amadeus…,” Derrick retweeted as a reply to Paulie’s comments.

the challenge derrick kosinski responds paulie calafiore twitter
Pic credit: @DerrickMTV/Twitter

The “English Amadeus” comment is most likely a reference to Derrick’s former elimination opponent, Joss Mooney. That particular elimination from Vendettas is one many fans consider amongst the all-time best. In that event, Derrick came in as one of the mercenaries to take on Joss in Crazy 8, which was somewhat similar to Pole Wrestle.

The two had an all-out battle in the dirt, full of blood, sweat, and tears. In the end, The Challenge legend ultimately picked up a win to eliminate the UK rookie from that season. It gave many fans even more respect for Derrick’s fierce competitive abilities, as he’s considered a pitbull who never gives up.

Many people believe several of the competitors from The Challenge: All Stars would be able to return to compete on MTV’s regular season, and one would have to place Derrick near the top of that list. Until he returns to the main show, fans will continue to debate if newer stars, including Fessy and Paulie, would be able to take down the tenacious pitbull in a physical elimination, though.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available at Paramount Plus.

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