Who are The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 cast members that have won the most money in their seasons?

the challenge all stars 2 cast photo
The cast members of spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: MTV

With the announcement of The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 cast comes the return of many OGs from the MTV reality competition show’s history.

Among them are multiple-time finalists and champions, some of who have racked up quite a bit of prize money over their time on the show.

That begs the question Which of The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members have won the most money? Surprisingly, several rule the list while others are in search of their first prize money.

10 former Challenge champions return for All Stars 2

On Wednesday, The Challenge: All Stars 2 teaser trailer arrived, along with an official premiere date. Shortly after that, cast photos popped up online, showing the 24 competitors who will appear on the spinoff.

With All Stars 2, 10 of the cast members have won on MTV’s The Challenge at some point during their reality TV careers. The OG Darrell Taylor leads the way with four wins, who also appeared on the spinoff’s first season.

Derrick Kosinski is just behind him with three wins, also featured in the cast for the spinoff’s first season.

Both Derrick and Darrell reached the final, but Darrell completed it and finished in second place to winner Yes Duffy. Derrick went home after the first leg due to a purge situation where he and his teammate Jisela Delgado finished last out of all finalists.

Former Road Rules star Jodi Weatherton, 40, appeared in just three seasons but won her last two, The Gauntlet 2 and The Duel. It’s been about 14 years since she’s appeared on a Challenge.

MTV’s The Real World: Key West has produced several multiple-time champions. In addition to Johnny Bananas winning seven seasons, his castmate Tyler Duckworth was a winner in two different seasons, one of which he teamed up with Johnny to win.

Seven other All Stars 2 cast members have won at least one final on The Challenge. They are Laterrian Wallace, Nehemiah Clark, Kendal Sheppard, Katie Cooley, Brad Fiorenza, Janelle Casaneve, and MJ Garrett. Nehemiah, Kendal, and Katie are back after appearing in Season 1.

Which All Stars 2 cast member has won the most money?

Winning on The Challenge a lot correlates to having a lot of prize money to show for it, and that’s clear with multiple-time winners Darrell, Derrick, and Jodi.

Darrell leads all cast members with $248,056 won during his appearances on the show, followed by Derrick with $210,970, per @challengestats on Instagram.

Jodi leads all women from the All Stars 2 cast, as she’s earned $176,667 in prize money. No other competitor has earned over $100,000, and as shown below, there are plenty of cast members who have won zero dollars so far.

In situations where cast members won $50,000 or less in prize money, it was typically due to having one win and it being a team situation where everyone split the prize money for winning the final.

For example, MJ, a winner on The Gauntlet 2, was part of a Rookies team that included nine members splitting $300,000 amongst them. That team also featured Jodi, but in her follow-up season, The Duel, she was the first-place female and received $150,000 to boost her winnings.

Also of note, four of the individuals listed with prize money below didn’t win a final but either banked cash during the season or received prize money for finishing in a runner-up spot. They include Teck Holmes, Tina Barta, Jasmine Reynaud, and Casey Cooper.

With The Challenge: All Stars’ first season, competitors were vying to be the one man or woman to finish in first place in the final. Reaching first place in terms of total points gave the winner $500,000 before taxes. According to MTV’s report, that will also be the prize money on the line in the second season.

Former Road Rules star Yes Duffy won the All Stars 1 final to add the achievement to his Challenge resume and seriously boost his bank account. However, he mentioned wanting to use the money for other purposes after his win besides just spending it.

The defending champion won’t be back for All Stars 2. Even so, those who have yet to win a Challenge will have some serious competition based on the competitors sitting at the top of the wins and prize money leaderboards!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 premieres on Thursday, November 11 on Paramount+.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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