The Challenge winner Brad Fiorenza blasts ex-wife’s tweets defending All Stars cast member

brad fiorenza on the challenge final reckoning
Brad Fiorenza appeared on The Challenge: Final Reckoning season in 2018. Pic credit: Hulu

The recent reunion episode for The Challenge: All Stars has brought a few former competitors from the MTV show out to tweet about their thoughts related to Kendal Sheppard and other cast members.

Kendal, who was not at the reunion, which was filmed weeks ago, was a talking point early in the episode, with castmates Jisela Delgado and Jemmye Carroll giving their thoughts about her mistake during a daily challenge she lost.

KellyAnne Judd also got involved in that discussion as she seemed to present a defense for her friend Kendal, saying nobody really knew what her intention was at that moment when she messed up.

Former Challenge winner Tori Hall (now Tori Gwinn) tweeted in defense of her friend while calling out other cast members. That brought Tori’s ex-husband onto Twitter to react to her comments and mention their two kids.

Former Challenge winner reacts to ex-wife’s tweets

Brad Fiorenza competed on 10 seasons of The Challenge and was a winner alongside his then-wife, Tori, and two other castmates on Cutthroat. While he hasn’t appeared on the show since Final Reckoning in 2018, The Challenge champ clearly took notice of his ex-wife’s tweets about Kendal and other All Stars cast members.

In one of her tweets, she called Kendal “one of the most amazing humans in real life,” while another referenced how she was done talking about the reunion and going back to “trying to raise decent humans and creating life.”

That apparently got Brad fired up after seeing those messages, as he posted a tweet of his own on Friday, June 4.

“CANCEL: ‘amazing humans’ blah blah blah You refuse court ordered visitation & distance sons from their father. You make dishonest statements w/o shame. Too much. Kendal had a decent season after years of attacking people online. Who cares. I NEVER missed a payment. Sit down,” Brad tweeted, with screenshots of Tori’s original comments included.

Tori and Brad kept divorce details quiet, have two kids together

Brad’s tweet is likely referring to child support or alimony payments. He and Tori had two children together, Brady, who is now 10, and Chase, who is now six years old.

Based on Us Weekly’s report, Tori and Brad “fell in love” during The Gauntlet III season of The Challenge in 2008. They’d go on to compete together in the next season, The Duel II, where Brad was a runner-up in the final.

In 2010, Brad and Tori officially tied the knot. They competed on Cutthroat that year, where they were among the season’s winners alongside Tyler Duckworth and Dunbar Merrill.

According to Us Weekly’s details, Brad and Tori split up in August 2015 and finalized their divorce in December 2016. The couple had the two kids together then, who are with Tori now and often appear in her Instagram posts (below).

Cheating rumors arrived with Vendettas, Tori remarried last year

During his time filming Vendettas in late 2017, Brad began to hook up with his Challenge castmate Britni Thornton, and it caused some rumors that perhaps he cheated on Tori. However, Tori indicated to Us Weekly in January 2018 that they’d “been divorced for quite some time” when Brad’s hookups with Britni were happening.

No official details about the divorce came from Tori then aside from her saying they just weren’t on the “same page” anymore. It seems quite similar to another recent Challenge relationship that nearly went the marriage route, with another Tori [Deal] and former-fiance Jordan Wiseley officially splitting up in late 2020.

Tori gave further explanation of why she and Brad needed to split up, saying “we agreed on nothing” with the exception of their two children.

“We met really young. I was 20 years old when I met him, and I grew up with him. I gave him a decade of my life, a third of my life,” Tori Gwinn told Us Weekly in 2018.

“When we grew up and realized the things that we wanted in life … we realized we agreed on nothing. The only thing we agree on is our two kids,” she shared with the publication.

Tori married lawyer Dusty Gwinn in October 2020, just a month after they got engaged. Gwinn has a daughter from his previous relationship. In March 2021, Tori revealed on her Instagram that she was expecting her third child and her first baby with her husband Dusty.

Brad commented about situation with his kids in 2019

In 2019, Brad commented about the difficult situation for him involving his and Tori’s kids, including the fact she moved from Chicago to Nashville.

“A mother that moves sons away from a loving father and tries to convince them their dad was not there, needs to be corrected. So yeah, I want them to know I was always there and fought to keep them by me. No shame,” Brad said, per Us Weekly, indicating then that he got his kids in the summer only.

“I just want to show my sons love & not have less than an hour contact a week. Anyone that knows my relationship w/ them can validate that. I begged her not to take them out of state. … I get them in the summer,” Brad shared in 2019.

Tori has not been on The Challenge since Cutthroat, and Brad hasn’t been on a season since Final Reckoning. However, plenty of fans are probably interested in seeing them return for an All Stars appearance if possible. It’s probably in the best interest that they don’t appear on the same season, though.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount+. The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for MTV in 2021.

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