The Challenge: Former winner blasts All Stars reunion segment – ‘I’ve been quiet all season’

various cast members at the challenge all stars reunion
Cast members appeared in studio for The Challenge: All Stars reunion episode. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars reunion arrived on Paramount Plus, giving cast members some time to discuss things that went down during the OG spinoff season.

Unfortunately, less than half of the 22 cast members were present, including most of the finalists and Beth Stolarczyk. Several key cast members involved in feuds, relationships, or other matters discussed during the episode weren’t there.

That included Kendal Sheppard, who seemed to get a good bit of discussion early in the episode, with at least one cast member rushing to her defense. Now Kendal’s good friend has also reacted to what she saw in the episode.

All Stars reunion featured 10 OG cast members

There were 10 cast members at the All Stars reunion, including all of the finalists, sans Alton Williams and Ruthie Alcaide. Amongst other key cast members missing were Aneesa Ferreira and Kendal Sheppard, both of whom were discussed by Jisela Delgado or other cast members.

Several cast members spoke about Kendal failing to drop into the water, which was the fate of other cast members who incorrectly answered a certain number of trivia questions. Instead, Kendal had hopped off the spot she was supposed to hop onto. She went and sat down on the platform above the water rather than dropping in.

Later, they brought her up as an easy nominee for the first women’s elimination day of the season. She’d go in and defeat Trishelle Cannatella and continued to show herself as one of the stronger competitors during the season.

When the All Stars reunion arrived, Kendal wasn’t among the cast members present and revealed online that she hadn’t been invited to attend. It seemed Kendal didn’t know why that was. However, she was a topic of discussion early in the episode, with her new friend KellyAnne Judd having to defend her a bit as cast members, including Jisela Delgado and Jemmye Carroll, spoke about her.

Kendal Sheppard’s friend reacts to All Stars reunion segment

Tori Gwinn, formerly Tori Deal of Road Rules and The Challenge, took to Twitter to let fans know she started watching the All Stars reunion episode but had to shut it off 10 minutes in. That was due to what she witnessed as cast members gave their opinions of Kendal Sheppard’s infamous daily trivia challenge moment.

“Watched 10 minutes of #thechallengeallstars reunion and had to turn it off…I’ve been quiet all season, but I will say this…If I was there, it would not have gone down like that. @KendalSheppard is one of the most amazing humans, in ‘real life’ where it matters,” Tori tweeted.

tori deal tweet about all stars reunion
Pic credit: @ToriMTV/Twitter

She followed up with a bit more explanation of why the early segment and comments didn’t sit well with her due to what she felt was an attack of someone’s character over one part of a game.

“You attack somebody’s game play…fine, it’s what we sign up for…you attack somebody’s character for jumping off a platform wrong…then we can bring up all your ‘character flaws’ cause I can promise you, most people on that stage wish their biggest flaw was jumping off wrong,” Tori’s follow-up tweet said.

the challenge star reacts to kendal sheppard all stars reunion absence
Pic credit: @ToriMTV/Twitter

Kendal didn’t react a whole lot to the comments or segment other than a few retweets on Twitter earlier in the day when the episode arrived on Paramount Plus. However, it’s clear she has some great friends ready to have her back should she need them with KellyAnne and Tori.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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