The Challenge: All Stars 2 playlist available featuring Britney Spears, Ice Cube, and spinoff soundtrack songs

darrell taylor and melinda collins in the challenge all stars 2
The Challenge OGs Darrell Taylor and Melinda Collins appear at the All Stars 2 prom-themed party. Pic credit: Paramount+

The music in The Challenge: All Stars spinoff season has provided fans with all sorts of great songs to reminisce over as the OGs compete, party, and deal with drama or other situations from their lives back home.

The spinoff’s debut season brought hits like Foreigner’s Feels Like the First Time, DMX’s Ruff Ryders Anthem, and TLC’s Waterfalls.

All Stars’ second season hasn’t disappointed with the musical selections either. All Stars 2 playlist features music from Ozzy Osbourne, Nelly, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Mobb Deep, Pat Benatar, and Ice Cube, among others.

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Thankfully, fans can listen to all of the tracks that have provided background music in the All Stars 2 episodes so far, thanks to a playlist of songs.

All Stars 2 soundtrack amplifies show’s key moments

Music has become strongly intertwined with MTV’s The Challenge. After all, MTV originally started as a channel that played music videos most of the day.

These days, MTV plays mostly Ridiculousness episodes, with the occasional episode of The Challenge sprinkled in. However, Paramount Plus conjures up some memories for fans watching the All Stars 1 and All Stars 2 spinoff shows.

Season 2 of the reality competition series has continued to feature songs to really drive home the message in various scenes. For example, in the first episode, the 24 cast members arrived on the scene with the uptempo Everybody by Backstreet Boys playing as their re-introduction to The Challenge landscape.

The Challenge: All Stars | Season 2 | The First Three Minutes | Paramount+

In another episode, Dio’s Holy Diver provided a thumping hard rock background as competitors had to leap into a cenote and swim underwater to retrieve puzzle pieces from a treasure chest.

The Weather Girls’ It’s Raining Men hilariously played during a daily challenge featuring trivia questions where competitors who gave wrong answers dropped from the side of a building while harnessed.

Other classics featured in the spinoff’s second season included Quiet Riot’s Feel the Noise, Ice Cube’s It Was a Good Day, Britney Spears’ Piece of Me, Lauren Hill’s Doo Wop, TLC’s Creep, and Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love.

Mark Long shares The Challenge: All Stars 2 playlist

Fans who have been searching for The Challenge: All Stars 2 playlist can now stream all of the music played in the episodes via Spotify.

The Godfather Mark Long, who is one of the driving forces behind creating the All Stars spinoff, shared a link for fans via Twitter.

All Stars 2 cast member Ayanna Mackins retweeted Mark with a comment to further praise the spinoff’s music.

“And so we have been blessed,” Ayanna said in a retweet of Mark’s playlist link.

ayanna mackins the challenge all stars 2 retweets mark long
Pic credit: @ayannasuperhero/Twitter

The Spotify playlist currently features 47 songs from the All Stars 2 episodes, ranging from cuts by Paula Abdul and Nelly Furtado to Matchbox 20 and Blur.

Listen to the entire playlist of music from The Challenge: All Stars 2 using the embedded player below, or head to the playlist here at Spotify. The Season 1 playlist is available here.

By the way, at least one song is missing from the All Stars 2 playlist, as the King’s Palace released a theme song called Save The Palace, which played in the early part of Episode 7.

That song is also available on Spotify and other music streaming platforms, including Tidal and Apple Music. Maybe one day that track, along with Emy Alupei’s Alien and David Broom’s Come on Be My Baby Tonight, will wind up on a Best of The Challenge supermix?

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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