The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members release Save The Palace song in honor of Kings’ Palace alliance

jasmine teck nehemiah melinda and laterrian on the challenge all stars 2
Members of Kings’ Palace from The Challenge: All Stars 2 have a dance party in their room after elimination wins. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 2 has featured one alliance prominently throughout the season, as the “Kings’ Palace” has been doing everything they can to remain in the game while eliminating the competition.

That’s included orchestrating a power move with the help of others to oust one of Nehemiah Clark’s biggest rivals and threats from Season 2 of the spinoff series.

The cast members involved in that alliance even recited a catchy song in honor of their alliance, featured in a recent episode of All Stars. That song is now available for fans to check out, complete with singing and rap verses from several OG cast members.

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This report will feature spoilers from The Challenge: All Stars 2 up through Episode 7 of the spinoff season.

Kings Alliance took control early in All Stars 2

The Kings’ Palace alliance was formed during the All Stars 2 season, as OGs Nehemiah Clark, Laterrian Wallace, and Teck “Money” Holmes continued their bond. The three All Stars were part of the first season, but none reached the final. All three then returned for a second installment of the spinoff series.

Nehemiah, LT, and Teck were in the same room for All Stars 2’s. Season 2 OG Melinda Collins also joined their alliance, as she is a good friend of Nehemiah’s from their days on The Real World: Austin.

Due to All Stars featuring a midseason twist that put castmates in pairs, two more individuals seemingly joined the alliance by default. Ayanna Mackins and Jasmine Reynaud became connected to the alliance as they were Teck and Latterian’s teammates, respectively.

That alliance really took shape early in the season, as Nehemiah helped another supposed ally, Steve Meinke, figure out a way to get Derrick Kosinski voted into elimination.

The plan worked, as Derrick had to face his friend Brad Kosinski and lost, sending home the three-time Challenge champion from All Stars 2.

Not long after, though, the alliance realized that Steve wasn’t as tight with them as they’d hoped when he said he wanted Teck as an elimination opponent. Teck would defeat Steve, as the Kings’ Palace remained intact.

During a speech Nehemiah gave at the elimination voting in Episode 7, he spoke about the alliance’s meaning.

“I created Kings’ Palace, and when I created that, it was bigger than us. I use the term ‘king’ when referencing minorities. I use the term ‘king’ to have [it] be a reminder that they come from royalty. That was for all the people that don’t ever feel like they have representation making it far in the game,” Nehemiah told his castmates.

Save The Palace track released by alliance members

At the start of All Stars 2, Episode 7, the Kings’ Palace returned home to celebrate the previous episode’s elimination win by Laterrian. Just like the previous episode, they had a mini-dance party in the room and chanted “Save the Palace” repeatedly, followed by Teck delivering a verse from his notebook.

It’s an actual song released by the Kings’ Palace members, and it even played during Episode 7. Save The Palace is now available for streaming on various platforms, including Spotify (below).

The song checks in at just under three minutes and features the repeated line of “Save The Palace,” followed by “Anyone come Challenge me.” However, there are also lyrics as Teck and Laterrian show off their abilities to deliver verses over the beat.

“Save the Queen. Save the shield. When enemies come, we make them yield,” Teck says in the opening verse.

“Guess who’s back? LT the Enforcer, Kings in the stable, let out the horses,” Laterrian raps in the song’s second verse.

Check out the complete Save The Palace song below via Spotify, credited to Teck Money and featuring castmates Nehemiah Clark, Laterrian Wallace, and Melinda Collins.

The Kings’ Palace alliance faced near demise in Episode 7, as Laterrian Wallace and Jasmine Reynaud ended up as the worst-performing team in the daily challenge. That put them into elimination automatically.

Castmates voted Nehemiah and Melinda as their opponents, but a huge surprise arrived at the elimination. TJ revealed that Casey Cooper had to leave the show with her teammate Cohutta Grindstaff, meaning the other elimination wasn’t going to happen.

So that saved the Kings’ Palace for the episode as Nehemiah, Teck, Laterrian, Melinda, and Jasmine are likely to be in full-celebration mode when Episode 8 begins.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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