The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 7 recap: King’s Palace faces opposition, TJ’s elimination surprise

jasmine reynaud and mj garrett at the challenge all stars 2 daily event
Jasmine Reynaud and MJ Garrett watch the daily challenge in All Stars 2, Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

The King’s Palace had another dance party when they returned to the Challenge house. They mentioned Jasmine Reynaud and Ayanna Mackins had joined their alliance.

Footage revealed other castmates around the house overhearing the celebration, including Jodi Weatherton, Brad Fiorenza, MJ Garrett, Casey Cooper, and Janelle Casaneve.

Jasmine said in confessional she was making her new partner Laterrian Wallace believe she’s part of their alliance. Jonna Mannion said in confessional she hadn’t lost Jasmine as an ally yet.

Brad Fiorenza and Janelle talked about securing wins from now on. Brad said he would have a conversation about gameplay with Nehemiah Clark, but Janelle suggested he shouldn’t.

Daily challenge is Steer Clear

The Challengers arrived at a setup with a large monster truck, wondering what was next. Host TJ Lavin came speeding up in a white Dodge, which had a flag on a pole on it.

TJ told them the challenge, called Steer Clear, would be big because it had a monster truck, cool cars, and motorcycles.

Teammates had to start on the back of the monster truck, with one of them hanging from a 20-foot boom that swung around. The other partner would steer the boom. The cars would race past them, and the competitors had to grab flags off the poles on the cars.

The team with the most flags the quickest would become winners. The team with the fewest flags would be automatically going into elimination.

the challenge all stars 2 steer clear mission
Competitors participated in Steer Clear as The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 7 mission. Pic credit: Paramount+

Nehemiah and Melinda Collins set the bar high to start things off with 20 flags collected. Teck Holmes and Ayanna got 11 flags, with Ayanna screaming the entire time she was trying to grab flags.

Laterrian and Jasmine got 10 flags, while Darrell and Janelle got 17. Casey and Cohutta Grindstaff grabbed 16 flags during their run. MJ showed his strength in helping Jonna swing to get 19 flags.

Brad and Jodi did exceptionally well, and in the end, TJ revealed that they had collected 21 flags to win it.

The last-place team was Laterrian and Jasmine, but they had the Lifeshield. Teck and Ayanna were next-worst, so they were automatically going into elimination.

Winners choose elimination nominees

Brad and Jodi had a tough decision but wanted to go after the King’s Palace alliance. Brad felt sending in Nehemiah and Melinda was their only real option.

Nehemiah spoke with Teck about what Brad might do, saying Brad’s his friend and “you can’t put a price on friendship.”

Jodi suggested to Brad during their meeting to choose nominees that they put up Nehemiah and Melinda with Darrell and Janelle as a “total smokescreen.” However, Brad said he’d prefer to put Casey and Cohutta on the board instead of Darrell and Jannelle to show loyalty to others.

Nehemiah and Melinda arrived to see the nominees on the board. Brad told Nehemiah he tried his best but didn’t have any way around it. Nehemiah walked off without hearing him out.

Later, Cohutta talked with Brad about being nominated and said he trusts Brad. MJ shook Cohutta’s hand to give his word he wasn’t voting him in. Cohutta talked privately with Casey outside.

Casey was upset about being nominated for her third time, while Darrell Taylor and Janelle hadn’t been nominated yet. Cohutta told her there’s no reason to be mad yet.

Janelle told Melinda that she would probably vote for her and Nehemiah. Janelle said the celebrating was over the top, and they drew a “line in the sand” with their alliance. Melinda told Janelle she would never say her name ever, and they’d leave it at that.

Cast enjoys night out, Brad and Nehemiah smooth things over

The cast went out to La Sirena restaurant and bar to celebrate ahead of the nomination vote meeting. Darrell, Janelle, Jodi, Casey, Cohutta, MJ, and Brad met separately to discuss the upcoming plan.

the challenge all stars 2 cast celebrates at la sirena
Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars 2 enjoy a night out after their daily mission. Pic credit: Paramount+

Nehemiah talked with Melinda, Teck, and Laterrian. He said, “Brad ain’t s**t,” and said he had made plans to go visit Brad at his house, but he’s still throwing him into elimination.

Laterrian and Nehemiah got loud at another table talking about how if others don’t like them, they need to come get rid of them themselves. In confessional, MJ said Nehemiah is starting to “chirp” about possibly going into elimination.

Brad said he didn’t like hearing Nehemiah yell things about him across a restaurant and just wanted to leave.

He and Nehemiah had a conversation the following day. Brad apologized for the miscommunication with Nehemiah and said he values their friendship. In confessional, Nehemiah said he was happy with the apology. He told Brad he doesn’t hold grudges.

Casey’s big reveal, cast votes for elimination matchup

In another scene, footage showed Casey pulling out a pregnancy test and heading into a bathroom. In confessional, she said there was a “fairly solid chance” she was pregnant.

She called home to her fiancé Kyle for a second time in the episode, told him she had been sleeping a lot and felt exhausted. She said she took a few tests, which confirmed she was positive for pregnancy. Her husband was overjoyed and told her “get home soon.”

Casey said she was “super happy” but wasn’t sure how she would continue with the game. She said she didn’t want it to impact Cohutta, so she wouldn’t make a big deal about it to castmates.

At the selection meeting, Nehemiah spoke about creating King’s Palace using the word “King” to represent minorities and wanted to advance far in the game. He said he understood that forming an alliance put a target on his back and held no grudges.

Nehemiah and Melinda got the majority of votes. Nehemiah pulled an Ayanna move by stripping off his shirt to reveal he slept in his Challenge uniform, ready for the elimination.

In the bedroom with his allies, Laterrian said it “hurt his heart” to see his allies and friends going against each other in an elimination. He told Nehemiah that he would take it out on somebody if he had the chance.

Who went home from All Stars 2 elimination?

At the Arena, host TJ Lavin called out the competitors, and they each got their introductions to head into battle. Teck and Ayanna came out first, followed by Nehemiah and Melinda.

With the four competitors there, TJ told them he had some “good news and some bad news.” The good news was that there wouldn’t be any elimination, so Nehemiah, Melinda, Teck, and Ayanna were safe.

The bad news was that a team was still going home. TJ announced that it came to his attention that Casey could no longer continue in the game.

Castmates asked if she was OK. She teared up and revealed, “I’m pregnant,” which brought celebration from others.

TJ said that meant Casey and Cohutta were both out of the game because partners are tied together. Cohutta hugged Casey and told her it was OK. In confessional, he mentioned he’d been playing a flawless game and getting along with everybody.

cohutta grindstaff with casey cooper at the challenge all stars 2 elimination
Cohutta Grindstaff and Casey Cooper during The Challenge: All Stars 2 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

“Whoopsie, your partner’s pregnant. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya,” Cohutta said in his confessional.

“Some things in life are bigger than The Challenge. Starting your own family…is one of those things,” he added.

King’s Palace celebrated being safe in the game still. Brad said in confessional that he realizes his moves could come back to hurt him with all four members of that alliance back in the game.

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