The Challenge: All Stars 2’s Cohutta Grindstaff comments on potential Battle of the Exes season and teammate

cohutta grindstaff appears in the challenge all stars 2
Cohutta Grindstaff appears in The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff. Pic credit: Paramount+

Former Real World star Cohutta Grindstaff is amongst the OG cast members making a comeback on The Challenge: All Stars 2, a spinoff series where seasoned competitors are getting back in the game after a hiatus.

Cohutta appeared in several seasons of MTV’s competition series, and during those enjoyed several showmances. Notably, he cozied up to castmates KellyAnne Judd and Nany Gonzalez.

That has prompted plenty of fans to wonder who the All Stars OG might choose if he were to return for a potential The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 3 season.

Cohutta talks about getting calls for The Challenge

During an appearance on the Mike Lewis Podcast, Cohutta Grindstaff spoke about whether or not he’s been getting calls to return to MTV’s main season of The Challenge.

He brought up around 2015, after he appeared on Battle of the Bloodlines, that there was probably a three-year time period that he “wasn’t just getting buzzed” for the show.

“I would usually get an availability call for everything,” he said, adding, “but it was also a point in life that it was I was turning down availability calls.”

Cohutta explained that if you turn down three availability calls in a row, they think, “he obviously doesn’t want to do this.”

“Occasionally, something will come along. I keep in touch with those people,” Cohutta mentioned, indicating they knew how to get ahold of him through social media or elsewhere.

Cohutta, 35, originally debuted on MTV’s The Real World: Sydney in 2007, which also featured KellyAnne Judd, someone Cohutta enjoyed a relationship with.

As far as The Challenge, he appeared on four seasons with his debut on The Island in 2008. 

He returned for The Ruins, Free Agents, and Battle of the Bloodlines seasons. His last regular season, Bloodlines, aired from late 2015 into early 2016.

The cast hammed it up during the Free Agents season as they threw a “Bachelor & Bachelorette” party for Cohutta and Nany. That was to celebrate a presumed wedding that would happen between the castmates as they were enjoying a serious showmance.

Nany and Cohutta’s relationship obviously didn’t last, as both have new partners in their lives now. Fans saw Nany in her blossoming relationship with Kaycee Clark on Spies, Lies & Allies. Cohutta has a girlfriend he spoke about in All Stars 2 interviews and shows in his content on social media.

Who would The Challenge OG choose as his Exes teammate?

As far as potentially going on a Battle of the Exes 3 season, Cohutta didn’t seem too interested in doing that sort of themed season of The Challenge, saying he “probably” would stay away from that one.

However, he and Mike Lewis spoke a bit about who he might team up with between his exes Nany and KellyAnne. At first, he said he wasn’t sure who he’d choose, mentioning he hadn’t spoken with either of them in a while.

“Last time I spoke to KellyAnne, she was in the airport in Denver. There’s no hard feelings with anybody or anything like that. I don’t know who they are now compared to who they were then. Probably be a toss-up,” Cohutta said.

“KellyAnne would be a great partner for me on that, you know. She’s kind of athletic, and we’re kind of close to the same size as far as stature and all. You can do well with partners like that on co-ed Challenges,” he said.

Cohutta and KellyAnne appeared together for The Island and Bloodline seasons of The Challenge, which brought some tense moments due to KellyAnne’s involvement with Wes Bergmann.

However, Cohutta said on Mike Lewis’ podcast that he “didn’t give a s**t” about any of that stuff back then. Cohutta said it was more Wes being irritated towards him during a particular season and that he doesn’t think there’s any animosity now.

Cohutta and KellyAnne also nearly appeared as castmates on The Challenge: All Stars Season 1. While KellyAnne made the final cast of OGs, Cohutta was amongst alternates and never made it into that cast. He now appears on All Stars 2, with KellyAnne not part of the cast for the spinoff’s second season.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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