The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 6 recap: Angry OGs look to shake up the Treehouse at The Arena

cast members in the challenge all stars 3 episode 6
The remaining cast members meet with TJ Lavin in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 6. Pic credit: Paramount+

The 14 remaining OGs arrived back at The Challenge house, celebrating Jonna Mannion winning her elimination. MJ Garrett said in a confessional he was glad to see her back and talked about his goal to win another $500,000 prize.

Members of the Treehouse Alliance said the vibe was better in the house with Beth Stolarczyk gone. Sylvia Elsrode joked with Jonna about the Sabotage, suggesting she would use it on KellyAnne Judd.

KellyAnne made a video call home to speak with her boyfriend, Max. She told him she had stomach flu for about four days. In confessional, she said she became really sick with mold poisoning at home, which affected her health in the game. She said her boyfriend is supportive, and she isn’t sure she deserves him. She said she wants to open up a rescue sanctuary if she wins the season.

MJ was icing his injured knee in another scene, saying he needed to preserve it for potential eliminations. Mark Long, Brad Fiorenza, and Derrick Kosinski spoke about MJ playing a scared game with his knee. Brad doubted MJ’s knee injury and said he still wanted to get MJ out of the game.

The Challengers compete in Stacked daily event

TJ Lavin greeted the Challengers at the beach. Two heats of seven would sprint to a code station where they’d scratch at a board to reveal a four-digit code. They’d use the code to unlock a paddle and then grab a paddle board. However, there were just five paddle boards available, so two All Stars from the heat would get eliminated.

Next, competitors with boards paddled out to get puzzle pieces in the water and bring them back to shore to solve their puzzles. There were just three puzzles on shore, meaning two more All Stars from the heat got eliminated. The winner from the men’s heat and women’s heat would form The Authority.

For the Sabotage, Sylvia and Mark each chose an opponent to put an extra lock on their paddle. Sylvia chose Jonna because she’s good with math and puzzles. Mark asked if anyone wanted the Sabotage, which had others laughing. MJ actually volunteered, though, saying in confessional he didn’t want to sprint too hard with his knee.

Brad and Derrick were the early leaders, with Brad getting the lead. Jordan started gaining ground and passed Derrick for second. MJ watched from the shore since he was eliminated in the first round.

They had a fun scene of besties Wes Bergmann and Nehemiah Clark paddling side-by-side in the water as Enya’s Only Time played. It came down to Brad, Derrick, and Jordan competing on the puzzle, with Brad getting it done for another win.

For the women’s heat, Nia Moore got the early lead but then struggled with her paddleboard. Jonna was able to get a paddle board despite having the Sabotage. Veronica Portillo and Sylvia were the first two out.

jonna roni and kellyanne compete in the challenge all stars 3 episode 6 daily event
The Challenge: All Stars 3’s Jonna Mannion, Roni Chance, and KellyAnne Judd compete in the Stacked daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

KellyAnne was first to shore with puzzle pieces. Wes yelled some advice to help her. Roni Chance and Jonna were the other two getting to shore with puzzle pieces. KellyAnne was about to win, but all her pieces crashed. However, she stayed calm and collected, rebuilding her puzzle pieces and claiming the big win.

In confessional, Sylvia said she doesn’t dislike KellyAnne, but something about her gets under her skin, remarking, “She drives me f**king crazy.” TJ told Brad and KellyAnne they would get to give out the last two Sabotages at the next challenge.

OGs celebrate birthdays as paranoia sets in over elimination

Back at the house, KellyAnne spoke with Jonna and Nia about Sylvia Elsrode making a face and rude comment after KellyAnne won the daily challenge. In confessional, Nia said, “f**k the Treehouse,” and it was an excellent opportunity for KellyAnne to strike.

Sylvia called back home to talk with her stepson about his report card and told him to bring up his grades. Sylvia said in confessional she might go into elimination but has to plan for that and get back up if she gets knocked down.

The cast had a nighttime birthday party for many of the OGs celebrating birthdays close to one another, including Nehemiah. Many of the OGs danced and partied. Mark sprayed Derrick with a bottle of champagne. However, there was also some paranoia from OGs about the upcoming elimination decision.

KellyAnne and Sylvia had a private convo aside from the party. Sylvia tried to politick to keep herself around and told KellyAnne to go after Nia due to her lack of endurance. KellyAnne said Nia’s been nice to her the whole time, so she won’t send her in.

“KellyAnne can actually eat s**t with an extra side of gluten,” Sylvia said in confessional, as she remarked about how she was acting with her power trip.

KellyAnne and Brad met as The Authority to decide who was going into elimination. Brad and KellyAnne agreed on sending MJ and Sylvia into elimination as their best moves.

Who went home from The Arena elimination?

At The Arena, KellyAnne wore black for “Sylvia’s funeral.” TJ asked them to choose who to go against in elimination. Sylvia saw it involved a puzzle and doubted if Jonna was the best choice for her. Instead, she went with Nia, which was a relief to Jonna. MJ said the one guy he wanted to go after was Brad, and since he couldn’t, he was targeting Derrick.

The event was Star Struck, involving a vertical maze with three star cutouts along the path. They had to a guide a pole through the maze until they could get it free from all three cutouts. Then they’d use the pole to try to score a ball through a hole in the bottom of the puzzle board.

The women competed first. Nia said she was tapping into her anger over being blindsided by Sylvia. She also had some help from Jordan in the upper level. Nia managed to free her pole first and then scored her ball through the hole on her first try, winning the event.

KellyAnne yelled down to Sylvia that she was sorry, but Sylvia told her, “F**k off.”

The men went next, with Derrick freeing his pole first and started shooting for the hole but kept missing. Eventually, Derrick managed to make the shot as MJ couldn’t figure out the maze to free his pole from the puzzle. In confessional, MJ said he hoped Brad didn’t win the final. Jonna was disappointed to see MJ leaving as her top ally in the game.

derrick kosinski in the challenge all stars 3 episode 6 star struck elimination
Derrick Kosinski competes in Star Struck elimination at The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 6. Pic credit: Paramount+

TJ and the OGs said goodbye to Sylvia and MJ for now, as they’d been officially eliminated. Sylvia said she made one wrong move with the Sabotage, and it cost her $500,000. She said it’s not the last time you’ll see her.

As MJ was leaving, he yelled up to Brad that it was “not personal.” However, Sylvia yelled to KellyAnne that “it is personal.” As MJ left the arena, Jonna made a heart sign with her hands for him.

In a post-elimination confessional, MJ said he’s rooting for Jonna to win the All Stars 3 season. Nehemiah commented about how KellyAnne may have solved a problem or created more targets for the Treehouse.

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