The Challenge: Nia Moore blasts castmate for ‘trying to put a stain on the All Stars vibe’

nia moore during the challenge all stars 3 episode 5
Nia Moore during The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

With the third season of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars, the competition has become more intense, with only former finalists and winners in the cast.

That also means the game is even more cutthroat than the previous installments of All Stars, and some heated rivalries have taken shape with mean-spirited tactics used toward OG castmates.

Nia Moore, who returned to All Stars after years away from reality TV, recently blasted Beth Stolarcyzk and her attempts to “put a stain on the All Stars vibe” by destroying a castmate.

Nia comments on Beth’s attempts to trash All Stars 3 castmate

In The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5, Beth Stolarczyk set her sights on castmate Jonna Mannion, revealing to several castmates that she didn’t trust her. The basis for that was Beth suggesting that Jonna was having an affair with castmate MJ Garrett, whom she won All Stars Season 2 with.

MJ and Jonna denied having an affair during confessional interviews in the episode, and now castmate Nia Moore has spoken out about Beth’s “wack” attempts at damaging Jonna’s reputation and personal life.

While appearing on the Challenge Mania Podcast, Nia commented on how it was really “inappropriate” of Beth to try to bring such a bad vibe to the OGs show.

Nia said that Beth initially attempted to tell castmates that Jonna’s not a good person, and when that narrative didn’t work, she shifted it to the cheating allegations, which were part of Episode 5.

“For me, she was grabbing anything and was trying to see what would stick, and for her to take rumors that she had heard with no proof and bring it in front of the cameras and say it in front of anybody who would listen- I just thought it was super f**king wack, especially because she is a 52-year-old married woman with children,” Nia said.

“It was like her entire mission was to not just destroy Jonna in the game, but to try and disrupt Jonna’s personal life, which is sacred, and that is wack to me. Like I don’t even roll with b***hes that do stuff like that,” Nia added.

Nia said she was ‘disappointed’ in Beth’s All Stars 3 activity

For Beth, All Stars 3 was her second appearance on Paramount Plus’ spinoff series, as she was amongst the OGs featured in the premiere season alongside castmates Mark Long, Trishelle Cannatella, Kendal Sheppard, Derrick Kosinski, and Jonna Manion.

She arrived to the third season as a replacement in Episode 4 following the departure of OGs Tina Bridges and Jemmye Carroll, who left due to an injury and personal reasons. Early on, footage featured Beth and Veronica Portillo attempting to get along after their previous feuds during The Challenge, but that didn’t prove successful.

Beth finished last in the daily challenge but then won her elimination against Kendal, sending Kendal home and possibly putting the rest of the house on notice. In Episode 5, The Authority, consisting of Mark Long and Sylvia Elsrode, gave Jonna the power to go into elimination and call out Beth.

That decision arrived after Beth told castmates she didn’t trust Jonna and felt she was cheating on her husband with MJ.

When Beth and Jonna competed in their elimination event, Beth eventually quit due to castmates yelling suggestions from the upper level to try to help Jonna win. Later, TJ and Beth mentioned some issues she had with heights.

With All Stars 3, some cast members are meeting each other for the first time, with the show’s newcomers getting to meet some MTV icons. However, during her podcast interview, Nia said she was really “disappointed” in Beth’s behavior.

“For her to have an appetite to do that, especially at her big age, I just was so disappointed, and I always would try to like turn the conversations back to like things that were more positive, but it was very obvious to me that like this is all she came there for,” Nia said on Challenge Mania.

She went on to say that Beth’s antics on the show were “so inappropriate” and “rooted in rumors,” and it was as if she was trying to “put a stain on the All Stars vibe, which has been so positive and so fun overall.”

In addition to Beth’s antics towards Jonna, All Stars 3 has featured a few other heated situations, including the Wes Bergmann vs. Yes Duffy feud and the Treehouse Alliance targeting OGs KellyAnne Judd and Kendal Sheppard.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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