The Challenge: Veronica Portillo says she was ‘suckered into’ All Stars 3 confessionals with Beth Stolarczyk

beth stolarczyk and veronica portillo in the challenge all stars 3
Beth Stolarczyk and Veronica Portillo in a confessional together for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3 had seen several of the OG castmates go home due to injuries, which can often thin out the field of competitors for the game.

However, TJ Lavin announced a replacement OG in Episode 4 to help out with that. Unfortunately for Veronica Portillo, it was one of her rivals for many years.

The duo was shown in some dual confessionals during the episode, which was crazy for many fans to see, considering their history. Veronica recently commented on how that idea came about, saying she got “suckered into” them.

Veronica’s Challenge rival arrived in Episode 4

In All Stars 3, Episode 4, TJ Lavin informed the OGs on the beach that he’d brought a replacement for the women due to injuries and individuals leaving the show. Those who left included Jemmye Carroll, Tina Bridges, and Melinda Collins.

The replacement OG was Beth Stolarczyk, who rode up to the cast in a dune buggy on the beach. Beth previously appeared in Season 1, which didn’t have either of her biggest rivals, Tina or Veronica.

Veronica wasn’t too enthused to see Beth, but some of the other OGs were. However, later in the show, it seemed that maybe Beth and Veronica were OK after some years away from each other to grow.

That didn’t seem to be the case, as the two were featured in some dual confessionals. Seated side-by-side, they discussed their Challenge feud from a previous season, and then things got a bit nasty as they had a spat.

Veronica said that Beth was always known for wanting camera time, which prompted Beth to fire back that Veronica was looking to have threesomes on camera back in the day. So, needless to say, the two weren’t exactly besties on All Stars 3.

Veronica shares how dual confessionals happened

After the arrival of Episode 4, Veronica Portillo shared plenty of thoughts about what went down, including firing back at a critic who questioned friend Darrell Taylor’s inability to compete in the daily challenge.

Veronica also commented about the dual interview, saying she got “suckered into doing” it.

“Just watched episode 4. Processing & feeling vindicated. And also feeling like they left some good content out of the dual interview that I was suckered into doing. #TheChallengeAllStars3,” Veronica tweeted about the episode.

veronica portillo on dual all stars 3 confessional situation
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Veronica also tweeted that a lot got cut out from that dual interview footage, and she would have loved to see the look on her face when Beth walked into the room.

veronica portillo comments on all stars interviews with beth
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Veronica explained that Beth kept trying to get camera time with her. However, Veronica wouldn’t engage and ignored her, so eventually, the show’s execs suggested they do the interview together.

veronica portillo comments all stars 3 confessionals
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

While a lot seems to get left out after each episode gets edited, a fan had a great idea about what the producers can do. Why not bring back those S**t They Should’ve Shown episodes from MTV’s heyday?

fan reacts to all stars 3 edited out footage
Pic credit: @lunastarr3327/Twitter

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have that popular series back for the spinoff, considering the show has been uncensored in terms of cast members cursing. It would shed a lot of light on situations between OGs, such as rivals like Beth and Veronica.

Based on their rocky past and their dual confessional spat, it will be interesting to see how long Beth and Veronica can coexist in the All Stars 3 season!

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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