The Challenge: Veronica Portillo defends All Stars 3 castmate from critics after events of Episode 4

veronica portillo in the challenge all stars 3 promo video
Veronica Portillo during a promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

On The Challenge, competitors are rarely perfectly well-rounded when it comes to handling all of the potential tasks that come their way in a season. Some excel with feats of strength, while others are masters at puzzles, speed, or game strategy.

In the instance of Darrell Taylor, he’s a four-time champion, but when it comes to heights, The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast member wants no part of them.

That was the case in Episode 4, which resulted in a major problem for Darrell. However, his friend and former castmate, Veronica Portillo, defended him following the episode from online critics.

Darrell refused to compete in All Stars 3 daily challenge

Darrell Taylor, 42, has come to be known as a feared and respected competitor by many due to his accomplishments during the show. He’s knocked down his castmate Brad Fiorenza in a previous season, excels at many daily challenges and eliminations, and is the only OG to have won in four straight Challenge seasons.

The two-time All Stars finalist was back for Season 3 of the spinoff and looking for his third finals appearance, but that wasn’t to be. In All Stars 3, Episode 4, the daily challenge had competitors standing on a plank 150 feet up in the air on the side of a building, attempting to solve a math puzzle before their opponents did.

Darrell’s fear of heights had him petrified to even walk out on the plank to get in place. Once he was up on the building, he told the workers to take the harness off because he wasn’t doing it. TJ Lavin’s attempts to encourage him were of no use either.

Due to that, Darrell received an automatic DQ and went straight into the elimination later. At The Arena, he went against castmate Jordan Wiseley in a battle of bodyweight inside a rolling cylinder. Jordan’s endurance proved advantageous as Darrell’s quads began burning, and he had to get out of the cylinder.

Medics took Darrell away via stretcher, and that was the last time he was seen during The Challenge: All Stars 3 season.

Veronica defends Darrell after Episode 4 DQ

Following the arrival of All Stars 3, Episode 4 on Paramount Plus, an online fan (or critic) tweeted about Darrell not participating in the daily challenge.

“He knows what to expect on these shows and if the anxiety is so bad he shouldn’t come. It’s the same as when people can’t swim, like don’t come,” they tweeted.

“Sorry producers. While I appreciate you inviting me to be on The Challenge, I’m afraid of heights so I’m going to have to decline bc the fans say I should stay home,” Veronica Portillo said in a retweet.

“SAID NO ONE EVER,” she followed up with.

veronica portillo tweets about all stars 3 castmate
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

In another tweet, Veronica replied to a fan’s comment asking why anyone would say no to The Challenge, knowing they get paid to be there.

“Exactly! Only idiots say ‘they should stay home!’ If they themselves were a Challenger, they would agree to do it regardless of their limitations in the competitions,” Veronica said.

veronica portillo defends all stars 3 castmate
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

In yet another reply to a fan saying they love how Veronica has her friends’ backs, she said she’ll always have Darrell’s back.

veronica portillo defends her challenge castmate darrell taylor
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

It makes sense that Veronica, 44, would be adamant about defending her friend Darrell, as the two have a bond that goes back nearly 20 years. The two were castmates as part of the Road Rules team on The Gauntlet in 2003, where they won the season alongside other stars, including Roni Chance, Adam Larson, Rachel Robinson, and Cara Zavaleta.

Following his inability to endure Episode 4’s elimination circumstances, Darrell suggested he’d go home and work more on his quads, therefore improving his chances for the future.

While some online critics might be suggesting Darrell retire, it seems the man himself has more left in the tank and isn’t quite ready to go out, despite his tremendous fear of heights.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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