The Challenge: KellyAnne Judd comments on Treehouse Alliance’s ‘mean girl energy’ during All Stars 3

kellyanne judd on the challenge all stars 3
KellyAnne Judd during The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 3 has featured a few rivalries during the season, including the Treehouse Alliance getting revealed in a recent episode as they shared their intentions to take out Kendal Darnell and KellyAnne Judd.

KellyAnne recently spoke about the alliance situation in a podcast interview, indicating that one of their members contacted her ahead of the season to work together on All Stars 3. However, that changed once they got there.

In addition, she brought up how she felt a “mean girl energy” coming from the one room in the Challenge house, causing her to avoid it as much as possible.

KellyAnne says Treehouse member contacted her before All Stars 3

During her appearance on Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski’s Challenge Mania Podcast, KellyAnne talked about some of her All Stars 3 experiences. They brought up how an email featuring a list of All Stars 3 cast members leaked before the season started. That helped some cast members and hurt others’ game plans.

According to Scott, Wes Bergmann didn’t want anyone to know he would be on All Stars 3 ahead of the show, so the leak hurt his game plan. Wes spoke about this during his appearance during Emily Longeretta and Mark Long’s Reality Rundown podcast a few weeks ago.

The list also helped others try to pre-game and form alliances. KellyAnne revealed that her castmate Kailah Casillas had someone reach out to her to ask if they could work together. 

“Kailah contacted me to see if we could work together before the show started, and she didn’t know anybody. She didn’t know Sylvia [Elsrode] was going to be there. I felt bad for her, and I was like, ‘Of course,’ KellyAnne said, adding she told Kailah she’d help her and wouldn’t vote against her.

KellyAnne said she usually doesn’t contact people to pre-game for Challenges, so the only person she ever reached out to was Jonna Mannion ahead of the season. Her other top ally in the house was friend Kendal Darnell, whom she bonded with from Season 1 of All Stars.

Once Kailah learned Sylvia was part of the cast, she seemed to forget about her pre-season alliance plans with KellyAnne since now Kailah had a friend to work with. KellyAnne and Kendall then became targets for the alliance, with them suggesting it was because they were “strong” competitors.

KellyAnne comments on Treehouse’s ‘mean girl energy’

During the Challenge Mania Podcast, KellyAnne also said she felt bad energy in the Treehouse Alliance members’ room. It was also the coldest room in the house, so she avoided it rather than rooming with the women there.

“Let’s be honest, all the mean girls of the past seasons were in that room,” KellyAnne said, mentioning the room had a “mean girl energy” to it.

KellyAnne went on to say Roni Chance and Cynthia Roberts weren’t necessarily part of that energy, but others were, based on their reputations from previous Challenge seasons.

“Do you remember when Sylvia, from the beginning, she was like, ‘I’m putting her in. She’s a b***h,’ and she’d talk s**t every time she was drunk about me openly and loudly. And every time I walked in the room, they would roll their eyes and look away- Sylvia and Kailah,” KellyAnne asked Derrick Kosinski on the podcast.

“I kept trying to be their friend. It like brought back memories of when I was a little girl and my sister like I wanted to be her friend so badly, but like I wasn’t cool enough…I just felt like I was like the little sister, even though I’m older than them and a bigger vet than they are,” she said.

In All Stars 3, the Treehouse Alliance consisted of cast members Kailah Casillas, Sylvia Elsrode, Veronica Portillo, Tina Bridges, Jemmye Carroll, and Roni Chance.

Derrick became part of the alliance by default because he was rooming with the women. During the podcast, he joked that he took the room because it was the coolest in terms of having the best AC situation.

However, Derrick also said he asked the women in the room several times if they were OK with him being there, and they seemed to be.

The Treehouse members got rid of one of their targets in All Stars 3, Episode 4, with Kendal getting sent back into elimination and losing to replacement OG, Beth Stolarczyk.

However, the episode closed with KellyAnne saying she would wait for the Treehouse to mess up so she could “strike” at the opportune time.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount+.

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