The Challenge: Kailah Casillas on meeting new All Stars 3 castmates and ‘hardest part’ of filming spinoff

kailah casillas during the challenge all stars 3 cast video
Kailah Casillas during The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

With The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast, many of the OGs on the show will cross paths for the first time. TJ Lavin invited only finalists or season winners to compete in his latest spinoff, bringing some familiar faces back to The Challenge, some of who have never met.

Among them will be former Real World: Go Big or Go Home star Kailah Casillas, the youngest cast member at 29 years old. She recently commented about how it was meeting some of her new castmates on the show, and it seems some weren’t as “cool” as she’d thought they’d be.

In addition, Kailah opened up about what sort of strategy she brought into the spinoff and told fans what the most challenging part of being on the show was for her.

Kailah comments about meeting new castmates for All Stars

In the All Stars 3 cast, Kailah will find herself alongside former castmates, including Wes Bergmann, Jordan Wiseley, Sylvia Elsrode, and Jemmye Carroll. She’ll also be meeting other cast members for the first time, as she’s never done a season with OGs Mark Long, MJ Garrett, Jonna Mannion, Kendal Darnell, or Tina Barta.

During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram Story, Kailah fielded questions about All Stars 3 from fans. One fan asked her about who she was excited to meet on All Stars 3 that she hadn’t met yet.

In her reply, Kailah said “a few girls” she hadn’t met yet that she was excited to meet, and some were “really cool.” However, she added, “Others, not so much.”

the challenge all stars 3 kailah casillas speaks about meeting new castmates
Pic credit: @kailah_casillas/Instagram Story

In another slide, Kailah answered a fan’s question about her strategy going into The Challenge: All Stars 3 spinoff show.

Kailah explained her game plan for most seasons: “lay low, make friends, win things.” However, she suggested she doesn’t always stick to that when competing, or she’d have “been in more finals.”

Her only appearance in a Challenge final came during the Vendettas season, where Kailah finished in fourth place behind Kyle Christie, Zach Nicols, and winner Cara Maria Sorbello.

kailah casillas reveals her all stars 3 gameplan strategy
Pic credit: @kailah_casillas/Instagram Story

Following the reveal of the All Stars 3 cast, Kailah reacted to being part of the spinoff, mentioning there were “haters” only saying she wasn’t really an All-Star. However, she received support from castmates, including Wes, Mark Long, and Jonna Mannion.

Kailah revealed the ‘hardest part’ of filming for All Stars 3

Leaving for MTV’s The Challenge filming takes a major time commitment, which is why some veterans choose to take time away or not return. Kailah hasn’t been on MTV’s main show since her Total Madness appearance several years ago.

The Challenge: All Stars filming still takes up some time, but not quite as much as the main show, which is one part of why many former competitors seem to return.

However, Kailah shared that a tough part of filming for the spinoff show was being away from her then-boyfriend, Sam Bird.

“It sucked. I missed home within a day of being away. The mental part and being home sick & in a new crazy environment is the hardest part for me. I’m a big baby about missing home & him,” she shared.

the challenge kailah casillas on toughest part of all stars 3
Pic credit: @kailah_casillas/Instagram Story

In March, Kailah and Sam tied the knot after eloping in a private wedding ceremony, and they currently live together in England.

Over the past several months, Kailah’s good friend Jenna Compono had a second wedding ceremony with Zach Nichols, which Kailah said she was unable to attend. That wedding featured multiple Challenge castmates as guests, including Nany Gonzalez, Jordan Wiseley, and Nicole Zanatta.

Based on her return for All Stars 3, Kailah’s biggest fans probably hope she will show up on the MTV show, if not another season of the Paramount Plus spinoff. Until then, supporters can catch her in the episodes of All Stars 3 starting in May.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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