The Challenge: Jemmye Carroll shares more details about why she had to leave All Stars 3

jemmye carroll on why she left all stars 3
Jemmye Carroll during a confessional interview in The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

The third episode of The Challenge: All Stars 3 brought two departures from the show due to unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances. One of those involved a competitor suffering an injury, while the other involved a difficult family matter.

Jemmye Carroll recently gave further details about leaving the show, giving fans some more insight into what was going on with her family and why she decided to head home.

This report will contain spoilers through Episode 3 of The Challenge: All Stars 3 spinoff show on Paramount Plus.

Jemmye Carroll shares details about leaving All Stars 3

Former Real World: New Orleans star Jemmye Carroll received a difficult video call from her mother during All Stars 3, Episode 3, where she learned that her father was having health issues.

Jemmye’s friend Veronica Portillo sat nearby to comfort her during the call as she learned that things got a bit more serious with her dad’s medical condition.

When Jemmye asked her mother if she needed her to leave the show, her mother told Jemmye she’d leave it up to her to decide what was best. Jemmye ultimately chose to leave to go home and focus on the people that mattered most in her life.

After the episode’s release, she took to Twitter to give more insight into her decision to leave. Jemmye started by saying she doesn’t like speaking about her personal life much on camera or on social media because others in her life didn’t sign up for reality TV like she did.

She let fans know that her dad “is OK for now” but elaborated on his medical situation, saying he needs a lung transplant. However, the complication is he doesn’t want to get on a waitlist to get a lung from a younger person.

Jemmye went on to say that her dad doesn’t watch any television, so he isn’t even aware she left the show for him. She added that she’d compare her dad to castmate Cohutta Lee who could be her “father’s son,” If her dad watched The Challenge, she said Derrick Kosinski would probably be his favorite and explained why.

“My dad’s a fighter so if he refuses the transplant I know he’ll fight this as long as he can. Forever thankful for [Veronica], who was my rock in the moment everything crumbled,” Jemmye said in one of her tweets.

Jemmye was one of three OGs to leave in Episode 3

The third episode of The Challenge: All Stars 3 featured three individuals leaving the show, but only one left due to the traditional elimination events that happen in each episode.

In a men’s elimination, MJ Garrett defeated Syrus Yarbrough in an event where they had to toss sandbags out of a cage into a bucket to reveal a boarded window in their cage. Once they’d revealed that boarded window, they had to grab a hammer and smash their way to freedom so they could escape the cage and be the first to ring a bell.

There was no women’s elimination in the episode, though, as two competitors had already left. Not only did Jemmye leave due to her family matter back home, but Tina Bridges also exited early.

Tina suffered an unfortunate injury during the daily challenge called Playing Dirty. It initially seemed like she’d dislocated her finger, but the next day’s trip to the hospital proved otherwise, as she returned in a cast, revealing she had a broken hand.

It made for the second-straight All Stars season where Tina exited the game without it being via the elimination. She won the season’s first elimination event against Cynthia Roberts and still looked like she was a fierce competitor in the daily events.

Her injury was the second one of the season to force a female competitor out of the game. In the episode prior, Melinda Collins had to bow out due to re-aggravating the ankle injury she suffered during the All Stars 2 final.

It also looks like the unfortunate injuries will continue for the OGs, as a teaser for All Stars 3, Episode 4 showed one competitor leaving The Arena on a stretcher.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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