The Challenge: Fans react to All Stars 2 cast member’s ‘unfair’ elimination from the season

the challenge all stars 2 episode 7 cast members
The Challenge: All Stars 2 cast members await TJ Lavin’s news at the elimination in Episode 7. Pic credit: Paramount+

Fans of The Challenge are letting their thoughts be known when it comes to one of the eliminations that happened, or didn’t happen, during The Challenge: All Stars 2 season.

It featured one of the OGs leaving the show without officially losing an elimination due to a part of the season format.

While it seemed to be part of the rules for the show, it didn’t sit well with many fans who commented about the recent events with suggestions for what should have happened.

This report contains spoilers through The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 7.

Several Challenge OGs eliminated without competing in eliminations

Elimination events have taken place just about every week on The Challenge: All Stars 2 season, although a few recent events worked out differently, based on circumstances beyond competitors’ control.

Tina Barta chose to exit the show without actively participating in an elimination against Melinda Collins. Basically, Tina stood in the center of the Arena as Melinda rushed around to complete the necessary tasks to win.

Following the event, Tina told host TJ Lavin it was due to the environment there, and it wasn’t for her because she had changed as she’d been away from the show.

More recently, medical situations popped up for cast members. In Episode 6, Kendal Sheppard might’ve had a rough landing when she jumped down into a cenote during the daily challenge. She later told castmates she’d been having trouble taking deep breaths and that one of her ribs felt displaced.

She revealed in a confessional that she had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes things to displace or shift around with her body easily. Later on, she left to get checked out at the hospital and never returned.

At the elimination event in the Arena, TJ informed competitors that Kendal was medically unable to continue and had to leave. TJ didn’t give any official reason for her departure beyond that.

That meant no elimination for the women, so Jasmine Reynaud waited as the men battled, and then Laterrian Wallace became her new teammate after defeating Tyler Duckworth.

All Stars 2 format brought cast member’s elimination due to rule

In All Stars 2, Episode 7, yet another medical situation arrived, but this time it was Casey Cooper’s surprise, as she had been feeling off and took a pregnancy test. It revealed she was pregnant and she even took multiple tests to confirm. She called home to break the exciting news to her fiance in a video call shown during the episode.

However, she said she wouldn’t let anyone know about it because she wasn’t sure how she wanted to play things as far as the game.

Later, at the Arena, an elimination was to take place involving Teck Holmes and Ayanna Mackins going against Nehemiah Clark and Melinda Collins.

However, due to Casey’s pregnancy requiring her to leave All Stars 2, TJ said her teammate, Cohutta Grindstaff, also had to leave because teammates were “bonded together” in the game.

“This is a team game. You both have to go home. I hope we see you both in the future. Take care of yourselves,” TJ announced.

There was no elimination event as both teams were allowed to return to the game, while Casey and Cohutta said goodbye to castmates. Cohutta also shared the following IG post, suggesting maybe production should’ve given him a chance to fight for his spot in the game.

Fans react to OG’s elimination from All Stars 2

While fans have been supportive of Casey Cooper’s situation as she plans on her new addition to her family, many fans weren’t happy with how Cohutta was removed from the show.

At least one fan asked why the elimination got canceled, and Cohutta had to go home. In the previous episode, Kendal left due to unspecified medical reasons, and then a men’s elimination still took place. The only difference was Kendal and Latterian Wallace had been voted into the elimination, whereas Cohutta and Casey weren’t a team voted in.

fan of the challenge all stars 2 asks about elimination rule
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Several fans suggested that Cohutta should have remained in the game and would get the losing male’s teammate from the elimination event. So that would’ve meant Teck and Nehemiah still battled it out, and then the loser’s teammate was teamed with Cohutta.

“MTV you’re wrong for sending Cohutta home like that, you knew very well the men should have still don’t the elimination then Cohutta joins the partner of the losing guy, disappointed in this unfairnesses,” a fan commented on MTV’s The Challenge IG post.

fan comments about cohutta the challenge
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

“You all KNOW you did Cohutta dirty with that smh,” another fan commented on the Instagram post.

fan comments about all stars 2 og elimination
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

One fan even called out Bunim Murray and MTV over the decision to let certain cast members stay despite their teammates getting sent home.

“Really how do u get rid of Cohutta but keep others players that lost their partners,” the fan asked.

fan of the challenge all stars 2 calls out bunim murray
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

While more than a few fans were disappointed in Cohutta’s elimination, some showed support for how the Kings’ Palace alliance remained intact heading towards Episode 8.

“Save The Palace Save The Palace?????? I’m glad what happened happened????,” the fan commented, referring to the chorus from the alliance’s song played during the episode.

fan comments about the challenge all stars 2 alliance
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

Another fan, who commented on Cohutta’s IG post above, praised the OG for how he handled the situation gracefully.

challenge fan praises cohutta grindstaff handling all stars 2 situation
Pic credit: @cohuttalee/Instagram

The former Real World: Sydney star was an alternate for the first season of The Challenge: All Stars but made his debut in the second. Unfortunately, a rules stipulation ended Cohutta’s time on All Stars 2. Fans are hoping to see him back for a future season of the popular spinoff series, so he can continue to show his competitive abilities.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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