The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers arrive as Episode 8 teaser trailer hints at issues between allies

ayanna mackins in the challenge all stars 2 episode 8 teaser trailer
Ayanna Mackins addresses her castmate in The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 8. Pic credit: Paramount+

When The Challenge: All Stars 2 releases Episode 8 for the OG spinoff season, several allies could be going at each other as the final gets closer.

Based on a teaser trailer for the eighth episode, one team could also find themselves at odds, with a potential altercation arriving outside The Challenge house.

In addition, the footage reveals a preview of the daily challenge, and a potential elimination matchup gets hinted at in the trailer.

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Preview trailer released for All Stars 2, Episode 8

During All Stars 2, Episode 7, the alliance known as Kings’ Palace was in the spotlight as the group added a few new members into the group.

That included Teck Holmes’ teammate Ayanna Mackins and Laterrian Wallace’s teammate Jasmine Reynaud. While Ayanna seemed aligned with them, Jasmine mentioned in her confessional she was just telling them the “bulls**t” they wanted to hear and acting as an ally.

The Kings’ Palace alliance also features Melinda Collins and her teammate Nehemiah Clark, who indicated he created the group as a symbol for minorities to know they can make it “far in the game.”

In the Episode 8 trailer (below), footage shows some tension amongst the supposed allies, with one scene showing Jasmine confronting Jasmine outside and yelling at her.

Audio reveals Teck in a confessional interview, saying that he isn’t sure what to do about Ayanna in the game. In another scene, Ayanna tells someone at the cast members’ meeting to vote on the elimination that she won’t “Tonya Harding” them.

The above trailer also reveals the upcoming daily mission called Dive and Conquer. During that event, it looks like Jasmine suffers a fall on the path while running, and her teammate Laterrian asks if she’s alright.

Could this be the second consecutive daily event that LT and Jasmine finish as the worst team? Based on the other scenes in the teaser trailer, it seems possible that the elimination which never happened in Episode 7 could play out in Episode 8.

More cast members eliminated without elimination events

The Challenge: All Stars 2 seasons has featured four cast members who never competed in an elimination event yet were eliminated from the show.

The first of them was former Road Rules star Tina Barta, who decided to stand in the middle of the Arena while her opponent, Melinda, raced around the event to win it. Tina admitted to TJ that this wasn’t the environment for her, based on her castmates sending her in.

In Episode 6, Kendal Sheppard exited the show due to an undisclosed medical issue. Earlier in the show, she mentioned landing awkwardly in the water during the daily challenge and said she had trouble breathing.

She left to get checked out at a hospital and never returned. TJ revealed at the elimination that she couldn’t continue, which meant her opponent for the event, Jasmine, was safe. After Laterrian defeated Tyler Duckworth in the men’s elimination, Jasmine became LT’s teammate.

In the seventh episode of the season, Casey Cooper discovered she was pregnant, so she had to leave the show. Her teammate for the season, Cohutta Grindstaff, was also told he’d have to go since teammates are “tied together” based on the format.

With that in mind, the final gets closer with each episode. With 12 competitors left, it’s looking like Episode 8 could hold the last elimination before TJ’s final officially begins in Cancun.

The Challenge: All Stars 2 episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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