The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 4 preview clip teases replacement OG and competitor injury

cast members in the challenge all stars 3 episode 4
Cast members from The Challenge: All Stars 3 react to a replacement OG arriving to the show. Pic credit: Paramount+

Sometimes injuries and cast departures start to really affect The Challenge season, disrupting the overall format of the game. That’s been the case with The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast, as viewers have seen several cast members leave the show without stepping foot in an elimination.

Based on a teaser clip for the upcoming fourth episode, host TJ Lavin has a replacement OG coming in to add to the cast, which lost three members over the past few episodes.

This report will contain spoilers for The Challenge spinoff, including the names of cast members who left the show so far due to injury, elimination, or for other reasons.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 teaser clip features injury, replacement

On Thursday, MTV’s The Challenge dropped a new teaser clip for All Stars 3 ahead of next Wednesday’s fourth episode. It begins with host TJ Lavin mentioning there’s been a lot of injuries already for the season, so they brought in a replacement.

Cast members look surprised and excited as someone pulls up in a dune buggy on the beach. The tease clip footage doesn’t reveal who it is, but based on Roni Chance’s comments in a confessional, it’s going to be another woman joining the group.

That makes sense based on three women leaving the game for various circumstances over the past few episodes.

Additionally, the fourth episode’s daily challenge is revealed. It’s called High Stakes and features the competitors working to solve math equations while up on the side of a tall building. They have harnesses on, which appear to yank them off if they don’t solve their puzzle.

Math isn’t every OG’s strong suit, based on the teaser clip and previous trailers, so it will be interesting to see who claims the win and gets into The Authority this time.

If all of that wasn’t enough to make the upcoming episode exciting, there’s also a huge elimination matchup on the way. Derrick Kosinski calls it the “heavyweight matchup of All Stars history,” so it’s probably going to be a banger.

However, the teaser clip reveals someone is leaving The Arena on a stretcher, which is never a good sign on The Challenge.

All Stars 3 cast lost five OGs in two episodes

With All Stars 3, each episode has typically featured a men’s and women’s elimination, removing one male and one female cast member from the competition. In Episode 1, Cynthia Roberts and Tyler Duckworth lost to Tina Bridges and Syrus Yarbrough, respectively.

The show’s second episode featured the first competitor to quit the game ahead of their elimination event. Melinda Collins indicated that she re-aggravated the ankle injury she originally suffered during the All Stars 2 final during a daily challenge for All Stars 3. Due to that, she could not face Tina in the elimination and left the show.

Tina got to return to the cast without competing in her second elimination. However, All Stars 3, Episode 3, saw her suffer an injury of her own, as she hurt her hand during the Playing Dirty daily challenge. After a trip to the hospital the next day, she learned she’d broken her hand, so she had to leave the game.

Soon after, castmate Jemmye Carroll got a phone call from her mother back home, alerting her that her father was having health issues. Jemmye felt it was in her best interest to return home and be with the people who needed her.

That reduced the OG cast significantly by just the third episode, and now it appears at least one replacement could give the cast a boost. Could it be a previously-eliminated cast member, a returning OG, or one who has yet to participate in All Stars?

The third season of Paramount Plus’ spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars, has featured one of the most competitive casts to date, featuring only individuals who at least reached a final on the show. Among the newest OGs are multi-time champs Jordan Wiseley, Wes Bergmann, and Veronica Portillo.

Adding a replacement could really shake things up, depending on which OG cast member joins the intense battle on All Stars 3.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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