The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5 recap: The Authority gets major change, OG rivals battle in elimination

ogs cheer on castmates at the challenge all stars 3 daily challenge
OGs cheer on their castmates during The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5 daily challenge. Pic credit: Paramount+

As The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 5 opened, the cast returned to the house celebrating Jordan Wiseley and Beth Stolarczyk’s wins at The Arena. Yes Duffy had a confessional about still disliking Wes Bergmann and his gameplay, but he was confident there were “grown a**” folks around who’d play respectfully.

Kailah Casillas spoke with her allies Roni Chance, Veronica Portillo, and Sylvia Elsrode about who to use her Sabotage on next. They talked about Beth but said she’s not a huge threat.

In another room, KellyAnne Judd and Beth talked about the older OGs banding together with a plan against the newer people. Beth said she doesn’t trust Jonna Mannion after what she’s seen. Kailah said Beth and KellyAnne might have an alliance, but they need to win to get anywhere with that.

Wes said he wants to slide into the “Darrell Taylor” role with Mark Long, Brad Fiorenza, and Derrick Kosinski. In confessional, he talked about them targeting Yes, MJ Garrett, and Jordan Wiseley.

Brad said Wes could be a headache in the game because of all the messes he creates. Due to that, Brad said he has to do what’s best for himself.

In another confessional, Jordan said he needs to watch his back since everyone else wants him out of there.

TJ reveals Authority change at Side Tracked challenge

TJ Lavin announced it was time to shake things up. He said up until now, it was six All Stars in The Authority, but now it will only be two people. They will have the sole power to decide which players to send into the elimination. TJ said getting into The Authority is the only way to stay safe.

They played Side Tracked. It featured a dirt track with containers of colored rings at one end and podiums with pegs at the other end. Players had to race down the track and grab rings. Then they ran to the other end to try to throw on pegs on the podium with a player’s name on it. Once all pegs for that player had rings, they were out. The last male and female standing were the winners.

For the Sabotage, Kailah chose Beth and Brad chose MJ, who each started the game with a ring on one of their pegs as a disadvantage.

Brad, Wes, Mark, Derrick, and Nehemiah decided to target MJ, followed by Jordan and Yes in the game. They decided to let Mark win the game. In confessional, Brad said he wasn’t sure how this plan came about and why it wasn’t run past him first. Wes said it was a smart move for himself.

Jordan decided to work with MJ to target Brad in the daily event. Yes did his own thing and went after Wes because he dislikes how he plays the game. Mark, Wes, and the other guys’ plan worked as they got MJ out first, followed by Jordan and Yes. It came down to Mark vs. Brad, but Mark was the winner for the men.

competitors battle in side tracked during all stars 3 episode 5
A look at the Side Tracked daily challenge in All Stars 3, Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

For the women, Beth noticed the Treehouse women targeting her but also saw Jonna Mannion throw one on her. Beth was out first, followed by KellyAnne. Nia was out next, followed by Jonna.

It came down to the Treehouse Alliance members competing, and Sylvia ultimately won it.

During a confessional, Kailah spoke about living in England with her fiance, Sam Bird. She said if she won All Stars 3, she would use the money for their wedding and put some in a savings account for their future baby.

The Authority makes elimination decisions

After winning the daily challenge, The Authority consisted of Mark Long and Sylvia Elsrode. They were the only ones safe from elimination, received Sabotages for the next daily event, and got to choose one man and one woman for elimination. Those players would get to pick their opponents at The Arena.

Kailah spoke with other Treehouse members saying she was worried whoever they picked could choose one of them. They didn’t trust Beth as far as someone to send into elimination.

The cast went out to party and dance at a club, but the stress of the game was worrying everyone. Yes said nobody was dancing because everyone was talking about the game all night. MJ told Mark that he would 100 percent choose Brad as his opponent if he gets sent in.

Beth spoke with MJ and Sylvia about wanting Kailah or Jonna. Jonna sat down at the table with them and asked Beth why she wanted to face her. Beth said she doesn’t trust her or how she plays. In confessional, Jonna said she’s “not having an affair.” MJ said the same thing in his confessional.

Mark told Brad that MJ wanted him in elimination. Brad said he’s happy Mark won, but he doesn’t play a scared game.

The following day, Brad woke up Wes, and they had a private chat with Mark about things. Brad said he’d stuck his neck out several times for Wes in The Authority. Wes told Brad if he wants him to go into elimination, so he doesn’t have to, he will. Brad said if that happens, he’ll keep doing everything he can to protect Wes in the game.

Mark and Sylvia decided to send in Wes and Jonna. They showed a scene where Jonna told Sylvia at the club the night before to choose her instead of Beth, taking away Beth’s choice.

Elimination puts rival OGs into battle at The Arena

At The Arena, called out chose Beth for her opponent in elimination. Jonna said she last participated in elimination at 2015’s Battle of The Exes II season. Wes chose “the worst judge of character in the entire house,” Yes as his opponent.

The elimination event was Knock Off. They were on opposite sides of a wall suspended 30 feet in the air. They had to push giant button pegs on the wall to try to knock their opponent off the ledge on the other side.

Jonna and Beth went first. MJ was yelling stuff to help Jonna with the game by telling her what pegs to push, and Beth got irritated. She eventually quit the elimination, calling it “bulls**t” that other people were helping Jonna out. In a post-elimination confessional, Beth maintained she believes MJ and Jonna are “cheaters” and she’s “happy to leave.”

Wes and Yes went next. They were basically neck and neck. Wes hit one that landed a jab in Yes’ face. Several people were yelling tips to Wes. Veronica yelled some advice to Yes since she is a big fan of his.

wes bergmann and yes duffy compete in all stars 3 episode 5 elimination
TJ Lavin watches as Wes Bergmann and Yes Duffy battle in All Stars 3, Episode 5 elimination. Pic credit: Paramount+

Wes seemed to be staying calm, quiet, and not expending as much energy as Yes, who kept yelling and trash-talking. They went past 40 minutes with castmates realizing this could go all night. However, Wes finally got the right buttons and hit one that gave a gut punch to knock Yes off the ledge.

In confessional, Wes said he just reminded everyone why he’s the elimination king. Brad was happy to see Wes had his back in the game. Yes shook Wes’ hand and congratulated him on the win. TJ told Wes and Jonna to rejoin the group, then the OGs bid farewell to Beth and Yes. TJ called Yes “probably his favorite person” to be on the show.

In post-elimination confessionals, Yes said he played the game how he wanted and wasn’t unhappy with anything he did. Beth said she has to work on her situation dealing with heights. Roni said losing Beth and Yes was like losing “Yin and Yang” in the house, as one worked to keep the pace and the other caused chaos.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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