Nia Moore from The Challenge comments on All Stars 3 hookup with castmate Jordan Wiseley

nia moore in the challenge all stars 3 episode 4
Nia Moore in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

While the first season of The Challenge: All Stars brought several castmate hookups, Season 2 of the spinoff seemed lacking when it came to the showmances and hookups. It looked like that might also be the case with Season 3 until Episode 4 arrived.

Former Real World: Portland castmates Nia Moore and Jordan Wiseley finally acted on the sexual tension they’d been experiencing over many years as friends as a hookup scene arrived during the episode.

Following the episode’s arrival on Paramount Plus, Nia commented on their hookup, letting fans know her thoughts about her castmate in several different comments.

Episode 4 featured Nia and Jordan hookup scene

Many of the OGs on The Challenge: All Stars have significant others, making it a rough situation for the singles in the cast. However, Nia and Jordan are both singles and have a strong relationship, so it made sense that they were super friendly towards one another on the spinoff.

During her confessional interview early in All Stars 3, Episode 4, Nia commented about it, suggesting things had been building up between them for a while.

“Jordan and I have had this playful sexual chemistry for years, but we never really acted on it,” she said, adding, “I don’t know how much longer that’s gonna last.”

It didn’t last all that long as a scene arrived later in the episode with the two RW castmates cuddling in bed at The Challenge house.

“Nia and I have had some sexual tension between us, and we may have succumbed to those feelings and sensations,” Jordan said in a confessional shown with the scene.

“I’m always gonna stick my neck out for her, and I want the absolute best for her at all times,” he said.

Nia comments about All Stars 3 hookup and thoughts on Jordan

Based on remarks from Nia in the video post comments above, her hookup with Jordan was inevitable. In addition to commenting about that, she answered all those fans asking how it was.

“Lmaooo guys if you watched the real world Portland, then you know this was pent up for 9 years. It was bound to happen, and for all who are asking, yea it was really good,” Nia commented on the clip.

nia moore reacts to hookup scene with castmate all stars 3
Pic credit: @thechallengeshaderoom/Instagram

Jordan shared a post of himself on his Instagram on Thursday, potentially referring to his elimination battle against Darrell Taylor.

“When something hard or unexpected gets put in your way, don’t worry. It’s just the universe setting you up to be great ?? So go be GREAT! #thechallengeallstars3,” he wrote.

The post gained over 3,300 Likes and 150-plus comments, including a few from his castmate, Nia Moore.

“Y’all not about to sit here and act like this man doesn’t get incredibly finer with age ?,” Nia wrote in her comment.

nia moore comments on jordan wiseley ig post
Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram

Her comments didn’t stop with that, though, as she even suggested she’d be willing to carry a child for Jordan, and they’d be “beautifulllll and athletic af.”

all stars 3 castmate would have jordan wiseley kids
Pic credit: @jordan_wiseley/Instagram

Jordan and Nia originally appeared on The Real World: Portland back in 2013, which featured some intense moments between them, and rough physical attacks when Nia lashed out at a few of her castmates.

While she was never kicked off the RW for that behavior, she got kicked off The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II for verbally and physically assaulting Jordan. That incident occurred in 2015, and Nia was allowed back for All Stars 3, showing how she’s grown as a person in the years since her previous reality TV moments.

She and Jordan have clearly made amends, as have Nia and her other castmates. In an interview as the All Stars 3 season was getting underway, Nia credited Jordan as the reason she chose to appear on the spinoff season.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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