The Challenge: All Stars’ KellyAnne Judd reveals she was ‘really really sick’ during Season 3

kellyanne judd in the challenge all stars 3 confessional interview
KellyAnne Judd in a confessional interview for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

One of several returning cast members for The Challenge: All Stars’ third season was KellyAnne Judd, a former Real World star and Challenge finalist.

She reached the final in the debut season of All Stars, finishing in a tie for first place amongst the women competing. During a recent podcast interview, she revealed that she was feeling pretty good healthwise that season.

However, that wasn’t the case with All Stars 3, as she indicated health issues were affecting her as she attempted to navigate the season.

KellyAnne comments on her All Stars 3 health situation

While many of The Challenge competitors train themselves to be at optimal health when they go to compete, that’s not necessarily the case with the OGs. Some train hard, while others don’t. However, KellyAnne Judd is in fantastic shape thanks to yoga and generally keeping herself healthy.

She returned for All Stars 3 after reaching the final in the first season but said she had some health issues affecting her during her time on the show.

While appearing on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, KellyAnne shared that she wasn’t feeling her best during The Challenge: All Stars 3 spinoff season.

“I’ll tell you; I was not physically well this season. My health stuff got really bad after my dog got sick from the stress. So all my stuff got really, really bad,” she shared.

She mentioned a situation with mold poisoning back home that may have been a factor in her health issues.

“We’re trying to figure out exactly what else is going on, but it goes back and forth of how I’m feeling. I was having quite a few decent months on Season 1, and it just hit me really hard, so in Panama, I was really, really sick, and during the progression of the show, I got much more sick,” she revealed.

KellyAnne said due to her struggles with puzzles and body inflammation issues, she thought the other competitors wouldn’t see her as much of a threat to them.

“I don’t think I was the biggest threat just with the way my condition was at that time,” she said.

Alliance made KellyAnne and Kendal top targets

Just a few episodes into the All Stars 3 season, viewers saw KellyAnne as one of the top targets for the Treehouse Alliance, a group of six or seven castmates that included Kailah Casillas, Sylvia Elsrode, and Veronica Portillo.

The Treehouse group’s main speaker appeared to be Kailah, who mentioned in confessional that they were targeting OGs KellyAnne and Kendal Darnell because they are strong competitors.

The group attempted to send Kendal into one of the first women’s elimination events, but Kendal lucked out due to several castmates going home. Jemmye Carroll left for a personal matter involving her family, while Tina Bridges left due to a broken hand she suffered during a daily challenge.

However, the Treehouse Alliance had numbers in The Authority for the next elimination vote and sent Kendal into The Arena for Episode 4 against Beth Stolarczyk. Unfortunately for Kendal, the elimination event involved using one’s body weight to try to roll a cylinder to the finish line against your opponent, and Beth had the advantage.

Due to that, Kendal got eliminated from her third appearance in The Challenge: All Stars, again failing to reach the show’s final. Meanwhile, KellyAnne vowed in a confessional to wait for an opportune moment to strike back at the Treehouse Alliance.

Viewers will be watching to see how things play out between KellyAnne and the rival group as the All Stars 3 episodes continue to arrive each week.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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