The Challenge’s Jenna Compono fires back after All Stars 3’s Veronica Portillo throws shade at her

jenna compono in the challenge total madness elimination
Jenna Compono during The Challenge: Total Madness season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The third season of Paramount Plus’ spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars, has brought a healthy mixture of longtime favorites and newer MTV stars into the competition, as everyone in the cast has at least been a finalist.

It makes for some interesting dynamics, as newer cast members have sharpened their gameplay strategies and target the older OGs who have a different way of going about trying to win.

In a recent series of social media posts, Veronica Portillo commented about the Treehouse Alliance and responded to a fan suggesting former finalist Jenna Compono should’ve been in the cast.

Veronica Portillo comments on Treehouse Alliance

The Challenge: All Stars 3 introduced a large group of allies known as the Treehouse Alliance, committed to taking out OGs KellyAnne Judd and Kendal Sheppard. The alliance included Kailah Casillas, Sylvia Eslrode, Roni Chance, Tina Bridges, Jemmye Carroll, and Veronica Portillo.

During a podcast interview with Challenge Mania, KellyAnne Judd spoke about a “mean girl energy” coming from the room that the Treehouse members were in at The Challenge house. Along with that, some fans refer to Kailah, Sylvia, Veronica, and the alliance members as “mean girls” or “bullies” for their efforts to get rid of the two other women.

However, Veronica isn’t having that, as she recently fired back at a fan who said castmate Beth Stolarczyk made a good point during All Stars 3, Episode 4, about her past treatment on The Challenge.

The fan also mentioned that dealing with Rachel Robinson, Tina, and Veronica together was “a lot for one person.” They added that it wasn’t surprising that Veronica “gravitated towards the new ‘mean girls'” on All Stars 3.

In her reply, Veronica mentioned that she gravitated towards those particular cast members because they were in the same room and “had already come to an agreement.”

veronica portillo responds to fan about treehouse alliance
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Veronica called people out for labeling members of the Treehouse Alliance as “mean girls” or “b***hes” when in fact, they are “a group of confident girls.” She suggested that her castmates KellyAnne and Kendal also said “equally negative things about [Sylvia] and Kailah.”

“Just because they have different vibes, they are victims of the ‘Mean Girls.’ It’s BS,” Veronica tweeted.

veronica portillo comments about all stars 3 treehouse alliance
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Jenna Compono fires back after Veronica throws shade

Fans and critics had a lot to say about Veronica’s comments regarding the Treehouse Alliance. One brought up that Kailah previously rallied a group of women on a Challenge season to throw castmate Kayleigh Morris’ belongings out of her room and over a balcony in The Challenge house.

That fan also mentioned they should’ve brought Jenna Compono onto The Challenge: All Stars 3 instead of Kailah, but Veronica disagreed.

“Nobody wants Jenna,” Veronica said in a short reply, clearly throwing shade at her castmate.

veronica portillo replies to fan tweet about jenna compono and kailah
Pic credit: @v_cakes/Twitter

Jenna’s fans might have alerted her to the tweet because she fired back at her former castmate with a remark, suggesting nobody wants to hear Veronica’s rants.

jenna compono retweets veronica portillo with response
Pic credit: @JennaCompono/Twitter

Jenna and Veronica appeared in two seasons of MTV’s The Challenge together with Dirty 30 and Final Reckoning.

While Jenna and Veronica were castmates, they were never necessarily working together in any of their seasons. However, one of Veronica’s allies on All Stars 3, Kailah Casillas, is one of Jenna’s besties when it comes to The Challenge. Along with castmate Nany Gonzalez, they formed the Holy Trinity, a group of friends on the show.

In terms of their Challenge careers, Jenna has a better elimination record. Despitepite appearing in three finals, she has yet to win one, though. She also has a lot fewer daily challenge wins than Veronica.

Many fans would contend that Veronica’s three championships all came in seasons where it was a team of individuals rather than competitors working on their own or as partners in the final. Still, it’s no debate that Veronica is one of MTV’s true OGs who helped pave the way for other Challenge stars including Jenna and Kailah.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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