The Challenge: All Stars 3 Sylvia Elsrode says castmate messed up Treehouse plan, gave everyone evil looks

sylvia elsrode and kailah casillas of the challenge all stars 3
Sylvia Elsrode and Kailah Casillas during The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars’ third season brought back many OGs featured in the first two seasons and some newer stars, including Nia Moore, Jordan Wiseley, Kailah Casillas, and Sylvia Elsrode.

During a recent interview, Sylvia gave her thoughts about one of her iconic castmates, indicating she came into the game and messed up a plan that Sylvia and the Treehouse Alliance had ready.

In addition, she spoke about her OG castmate giving people some “evil looks” and trying to start rumors about their castmate that could’ve really hurt their personal life.

Sylvia comments about All Stars 3 castmate’s ‘evil looks’

In The Challenge: All Stars 3, several cast members had to leave due to injuries or personal situations, including Tina Bridges and Jemmye Carroll. In the episode after Tina and Jemmye had left the show, host TJ Lavin revealed they’d brought in a replacement OG.

That replacement was Beth Stolarczyk, much to the delight or dismay of the other cast members. Based on Sylvia’s comments during her appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, she wasn’t a huge fan of Beth after being around her.

For starters, she said Beth’s decision to quit a challenge involving heights on the first day she arrived to All Stars messed up a plan that the Treehouse Alliance had ready.

“Ok, so here’s the deal. Everybody was like, ‘You guys form your own opinions. You guys make your own choices.’ I was pissed off at Beth from the [daily] challenge prior because she came in and f**ked up our entire plan. Like Kailah and I had a foolproof plan and would’ve executed perfectly had she not just quit the first challenge that she came in on,” Sylvia shared.

In addition, Sylvia brought up that Beth has this odd habit of giving strange looks and staring at people calling it “creepy” and “uncomfortable.”

“Then she comes in. She’s giving everybody these evil looks,” Sylvia said, adding, “She gives you these looks with this very creepy smile on her face. It’s like the most uncomfortable situation you could ever be put in.”

Podcast co-host Aneesa Ferreira said she thinks the vibe was very different with the first All Stars season as everyone “supported each other,” and so many people were coming back after a while away.

That vibe appears to have changed now that a third season is underway, as even TJ upped the ante with only former Challenge finalists competing in the game.

Sylvia calls out Beth for trying to start rumors about castmate

Not only did Beth mess up a Treehouse plan and give some “creepy” looks, as Sylvia described, but she also tried to damage a castmate’s personal life. During All Stars 3, Episode 5, Beth was on a campaign to destroy Jonna Mannion’s marriage and reputation, claiming that she and castmate MJ Garrett were having an affair.

“Well, ok, be guarded, but not throw around rumors, though, right? Like not say nasty a** s**t.” Sylvia said.

Aneesa and podcast co-host Tori Deal spoke about Jonna’s composure and ability to handle herself in the situation. All Stars viewers saw Jonna confront Beth during a scene where Beth was talking about her to The Authority members Mark Long and Sylvia.

Aneesa brought up advice that castmate Johnny Bananas gave suggesting, “Don’t ever bring personal s**t up, we’re playing a f**king game.”

Sylvia seemed to agree with that notion and then spoke more about Beth’s attempts to destroy Jonna.

“Like come on Miss lady, you’re 50-something years old, you know how damaging something like that would be. Like come on, you don’t do that,” Sylvia said in addressing Beth’s attempts to start rumors.

In addition to Sylvia blasting Beth over attempting to start those “nasty a**” rumors so did All Stars 3’s Nia Moore, who recently spoke about it during a Challenge Mania podcast appearance, saying she felt Beth was “trying to put a stain on the All Stars vibe.”

Fortunately for the OGs who weren’t part of the Beth Stolarczyk fan club, her time on All Stars 3 was brief. After arriving in Episode 4 and winning her first elimination, she returned to The Arena in Episode 5 when Jonna called her out. The All Stars 2 winner then defeated her, sending Beth home.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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