Wes Bergmann from The Challenge: All Stars 3 calls out critics questioning his loyalty on the show

wes bergmann in promotional video for the challenge all stars 3
Wes Bergmann during The Challenge: All Stars 3 promotional video. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge star Wes Bergmann recently called out his critics, who may feel he’s a disloyal player when it comes to his friends or castmates in the game.

Wes, who currently appears in the All Stars 3 spinoff season, has been portrayed as a villainous character early on, with Season 1 winner Yes Duffy as his rival. However, Wes has given the narrative that Yes isn’t the “good guy” that he might seem to be.

In taking to Twitter, the two-time champion asked fans, followers, or critics to give examples of him “not being loyal” during the show. Once he’d gathered some feedback, Wes gave his thoughts about his loyalty during his overall Challenge history.

Wes addresses his loyalty to others during The Challenge

In a recent series of tweets, All Stars 3 OG Wes Bergmann confronted what may be a popular misconception that he’s a “disloyal” player on The Challenge, particularly with his friends or close castmates.

In one tweet, he asked fans to provide examples of when he’s stabbed a friend or someone he’s been working with on The Challenge in the back.

“You can’t. It doesn’t exist. I f**k my enemies hard & they complain. Don’t confuse that with disloyalty. I’m loyal to a fault because it’s the most effective way to navigate The Challenge,” Wes said in his tweet.

wes calls out fans about his loyalty on the challenge
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Wes mentioned that he’d spent three years in accumulated days as a cast member and competitor on The Challenge. He said people have only come up with two instances of him not being 100 percent loyal during his time on the show. Those involved him not volunteering himself to go in to save a castmate.

“I would like to officially accept this award for most loyal of all time,” Wes said to close out his tweet.

wes bergmann tweets about his history on the show
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

A fan replied to Wes’ tweet, mentioning that the way the show’s edited with Wes’ remarks about castmates during confessionals makes him seem like a “heel” or someone playing the villain role.

Wes told the fan that there’s “some truth to this,” and it’s a good explanation of “why the narrative is so different from reality.”

“That said, I only talk down to my enemies. And it’s our job to talk shit to our fellow competitors in the interview chair,” he replied.

wes bergmann reacts to fan comment about challenge narrative
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

Wes has been featured in early All Stars 3 rivalry

Through the first three episodes of All Stars 3, Wes has been in the spotlight, mostly being portrayed as a villain who wants to shake up the good vibes of the spinoff season.

The two-time champion has been involved in a feud with the winner of Season 1, Yes Duffy, with both cast members looking for ways to gain an advantage on the other.

It’s spilled over to the internet, with social media posts from the two castmates about a conversation they had before All Stars 3 filming started.

In the exposed text messages, Wes accused Yes of attempting to befriend him ahead of the season and then acting differently once they got there. However, Yes shared text messages he kept as receipts to give more insight into their situation pre-filming.

The heated rivalry is likely to continue as the season goes forth. However, Wes hasn’t shown any lack of loyalty to his friends or allies in the game so far.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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