The Challenge: Yes Duffy reveals text messages with castmate Wes Bergmann from before All Stars 3 started

yes duffy on the challenge all stars 3
Yes Duffy in The Challenge: All Stars 3, Episode 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

One rivalry seems to have taken center stage on The Challenge: All Stars 3 season and that involves Season 1 champion Yes Duffy and his new nemesis, two-time champion Wes Bergmann. In more than a few scenes, the two have been trying to outwit or take the other out of the game.

Ahead of the season premiere, Wes called out Yes in an interview as one of the “worst human beings” to ever appear on the show, suggesting that his “good guy” persona was just an act.

The two castmates also chatted before All Stars 3 filming even began, though, with Yes possibly trying to extend friendship or gain an ally. He recently shared some of the messages between him and Wes after the two-time Challenge champion said he was going on Patreon to reveal “bone chilling DMs and texts.”

Yes shows off text messages from Wes before All Stars 3

Before seasons of The Challenge start filming, many cast members start pre-gaming and working on strategies such as setting up allies for when they get to the show. They connect over social media or text messages from afar or even take trips together, as some of the Spies, Lies & Allies vets did ahead of the MTV season.

With the Yes Duffy and Wes Bergman rivalry present on All Stars 3 through three episodes, Wes informed fans on Wednesday that he would share some “Bone chilling DMs and texts” from before the season.

“I know y’all don’t want the truth. But if you did you will have to subscribe,” he teased fans on Twitter, suggesting they needed to be subscribed to his Patreon.

Wes’ tweet came to Yes’ attention and the All Stars champ fired off a response of his own to a fan on Twitter.

“I will never let someone oversell and try to profit from a conversation with me. And I would never charge a fan for anything, forever. You have my word,” he tweeted, adding, “I’m a big fan of sharing with others. It all comes back to you.”

With that, he showed off messages between him and Wes Bergmann, which seem to be from October 9, 2021. In the message, Wes asks if Yes is around to talk, and they agree to chat via phone.

In another tweet below, Yes clarified with a fan that he was the first to contact Wes via Instagram. From there, he revealed another series of messages, possibly between him and Wes, on Instagram.

In that conversation, Yes told Wes he’s “not trying to scheme or anything” but was “just saying hi and sharing any intel” that Wes might want to know about All Stars.

Wes responded that he hasn’t been able to look into things about All Stars much because he’s been busy with other things in life. He added if it weren’t for an email that got sent out, nobody from the cast would have known he was going to be on the show.

“All good. I don’t waste energy with hypotheticals and guessing things anyway…I just know you’re a cool dude so happy to talk anytime. Looking forward to it,” Yes replied, with Wes apparently liking the message.

The @iwantmyogmtv Instagram account captured the messages mentioned above in their shared post (below).

Yes and Wes is All Stars 3’s featured rivalry

In All Stars 3, Episode 3, the Treehouse alliance was revealed by Kailah Casillas, as she and six other cast members were targeting OGs KellyAnne Judd and Kendal Darnell. However, the feud between Wes and Yes was still very present in the episode.

Early on, Yes tried to have a “coffee date” chat to play nice with Wes. Yes wanted to talk to Wes about how he might use the sabotage power he’d acquired from winning the previous daily challenge. During the chat, Yes told Wes he hates having to use the sabotage and even offered it to him.

However, Wes reminded Yes that he had a chance to use the power of sabotage against him but didn’t do so earlier in the game.

“You make big moves, and you like to make a mess, and I hate that s**t,” Yes told Wes during their chat.

Wes told Yes if he didn’t put the sabotage on him at the upcoming daily challenge, he’d prove him wrong about his perceptions about him.

Unfortunately for Wes, Yes said in a confessional he didn’t love Wes’ answer about the power of sabotage. At the daily challenge, Yes still put the sabotage on Wes, citing him as the master “saboteur” in the game. That meant Wes needed to wear a 35-lb weighted vest for the daily, which involved trying to get a ball in a mud pit and make it past castmates to the finish line without getting tackled.

Wes was unable to win the event and didn’t place in the top three for the men, keeping him out of The Authority. However, Yes didn’t get into the top three either, leaving the men’s elimination decision up to their castmates.

Luckily for Wes and Yes, The Authority went with Syrus Yarbrough and Kendal as the latest elimination opponents. Even so, it’s clear the Wes and Yes rivalry is just getting started, with more on the way between two opposite personalities who have excelled at The Challenge with different strategies.

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