The Challenge: OG Yes Duffy responds to Wes Bergmann’s comments about his ‘inconsistencies’ on All Stars 3

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The Challenge: All Stars 3’s Yes Duffy. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Who says the OGs on The Challenge: All Stars don’t have feuds and rivalries along with their friendly fun? With All Stars 3, there’s already at least one rivalry heating up through the first two episodes featuring Wes Bergmann and Yes Duffy.

Based on their comments in the episodes, the two Challenge winners don’t have very high opinions of each other and want to see the other go home.

However, Wes believes that his castmate has been hiding behind a “good guy” persona, as he previously blasted Yes in an interview, calling him “one of the worst humans” to appear on the show.

Yes has now responded to Wes, setting up a possible conversation between the two about their differences.

Wes Bergmann responds to fan tweet about Yes on All Stars 3

On Friday, a viewer pointed out how “inconsistent” The Challenge: All Stars 3’s Yes Duffy has been in the show’s first few episodes. The viewer mentioned how Yes said in the first episode he was fine coming in second instead of first place.

However, Yes won the daily challenge in Episode 2 and mentioned in a confessional that he’s back where he belongs as a winner.

The viewer’s comments caught Wes Bergmann’s attention since the fan tagged him in the tweet along with The Challenge and Mark Long.

“Wow someone paying attention to the litany of inconsistencies,” Wes retweeted with the viewers’ comments.

the challenge star wes responds to fan about all stars 3 yes
Pic credit: @WestonBergmann/Twitter

In the first episode, Wes was part of The Authority, a group of six individuals who performed best in the daily challenge. They had to meet and determine which man and woman to send in as elimination opponents for the two worst-performing players in the daily event.

Yes’ name never came up in that first episode as an opponent. Instead, The Authority sent in the second-to-last players from the daily to take focus away from them as making some sort of sneaky move.

However, Episode 2 featured Yes in The Authority. Wes was the second-to-last player in the daily, and Yes wanted to send him into elimination, but Brad Fiorenza told everyone he wanted to protect Wes. Ultimately, The Authority made a surprising decision to send in Mark Long.

Yes Duffy tells Wes ‘call me’ to talk

Wes and the fan’s comments above may not have tagged Yes Duffy, but they caught his attention as he showed up to reply to the tweet. It’s possibly due to other fans tagging him or DMing him to let him know.

“Wes, call me if you wanna talk. I’m old school, you know, I answer the phone. Not on Twitter much,” the All Stars 1 winner tweeted.

yes duffy responds to wes bergmann tweet
Pic credit: @actvstArchitect/Twitter

So far, these two OGs have managed to evade elimination, but it seems they’re on a collision course based on the way the show is foreshadowing things. They clearly have each other on their radars and are likely waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Yes, 43, previously won on The Challenge 2000 season. After two more seasons of the MTV show, Yes returned years later for the premiere season of All Stars and bested a group in the finals that included Darrell Taylor, Mark Long, KellyAnne Judd, and Derrick Kosinski.

Wes, 37, is making his All Stars debut and already appears to be the villain of the spinoff season, as he mentioned wanting to turn the game on its head and make his castmates squirm.

The two-time winner continues to stir things up on social media, which could mean this feud is far from over. However, Yes has offered a chance to talk, so it should be interesting to see if he and Yes can get on the same page.

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